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Honda Ready to Take On the Prius

Insight cheaper, simpler than Toyota's hybrid king

(Newser) - Honda is rolling out a fresh—and worthy—competitor to Toyota’s Prius, king of the hybrid market, writes Joseph P. White in the Wall Street Journal. The 2010 Insight will sell for just under $20,000, some $2,000 less than the most popular Prius model, and gets “... More »

Price War Heats Up Hybrid Market

Toyota and Honda square off with dueling technologies, too

(Newser) - Toyota and Honda have begun waging battle in the hybrid market, and a price war is bound to speed conversion by consumers—the Prius is expected to dip below $21,000 in order to compete with the $19,000 Insight in Japan. But the two aren't just versions of the... More »

Honda's New Hybrid Will Sell for $20K

Prius rival Insight will be cheapest hybrid on market

(Newser) - Honda's much-anticipated 2010 Insight hybrid car will sell for a base price of just $19,800, the Los Angeles Times reports. The recession-friendly price tag makes the Insight the cheapest hybrid in the country at $2,200 less expensive than the Toyota Prius. The company aims to lure buyers who... More »

Honda Insight May Be Cheapest Hybrid on Market

Will cost thousands less than Prius

(Newser) - Honda is promising that its new hybrid, the much-anticipated Insight, will cost no more than a normal car when it hits dealerships next spring, meaning it will almost certainly undercut the Toyota Prius. The Insight is rumored to carry a roughly $18,500 price tag, the LA Times reports, making... More »

4 Stories