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Artists' Complaints About Pols' Use of Songs Off-Key

Free speech outweighs whatever objections they might have

(Newser) - Political campaigns routinely use popular music to help shape voters’ perceptions about their candidate. And while the practice may hit a sour ideological note with some artists, there’s not much they can—or should—do to turn off the music, since both copyright laws and free-speech doctrine support it,... More »

Band to GOP: Turn Off 'Barracuda'

Heart blasts campaign's use of song as Palin's theme

(Newser) - The members of the band Heart aren’t pleased that the GOP has been using their song “Barracuda” as Sarah Palin’s theme, reports Entertainment Weekly. Palin’s nickname since high school has been “Sarah Barracuda.” After a mild statement failed to stop the Republicans from using... More »

2 Stories