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How Darwin's Island Might Help Colonize Mars

Little-known experiment provides a lesson

(Newser) - When Charles Darwin came to Ascension Island—an insanely remote volcanic rock in the middle of the Atlantic—it was utterly barren and desolate, bedeviled by dry trade winds from southern Africa. So the legendary scientist embarked on one of his most remarkable, and least heralded experiments. With the help... More »

Top Climate Skeptic Does an About-Face

Lomborg suddenly wants to toss $100B a year at global warming

(Newser) - Bjørn Lomborg is not a popular guy in the halls of climate science—the UN’s climate chief once compared him to Adolf Hitler. But the self-proclaimed “skeptical environmentalist” has suddenly jumped aboard the bandwagon, the Guardian reports. In his new book, the Danish economist says that climate... More »

We Can Engineer Away Climate Change

(Newser) - It’s drastic and potentially dangerous, but we absolutely must research geoengineering as a potential fix for climate change, writes Samuel Thernstrom in the Washington Post. Many climate scientists believe that attempts to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions are too little, too late. But preliminary evidence shows that geoengineering... More »

White House Mulls Drastic Action on Climate Change

Geo-engineering could be last resort, Holdren says

(Newser) - Global warming may get to the point where drastic "geo-engineering" measures to cool the earth will be necessary, President Obama’s top science adviser tells the AP. John Holdren said shooting reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect some sunlight is a last resort, but one he's raised... More »

Geo-Engineers Not Quite Ready to Save Earth

Far-flung ideas hold promise, but the science still lags

(Newser) - Their proposals to combat global warming may sound like science fiction, but geo-engineers insist they can save the planet. Two new reports show that while that may be the case, the science has a long way to go, the Economist reports. The burgeoning field posits that humans can cool the... More »

Plans to Stop Global Warming Straight From Sci-Fi Novels

Geo-engineering offers promise for slowing climate change ... and fear of consequences

(Newser) - Scientists worry humans might not curb carbon emissions in time to save the planet from irreversible harm, and some have suggested a radical concept called geo-engineering, the Economist reports. Once the stuff of science fiction, geo-engineering would combat global warming by manipulating the environment. While promising, critics warn ecological consequences... More »

6 Stories