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McDonald's Dropped 500M Transactions in 5 Years

But fast-food giant says it has a plan to win customers back

(Newser) - McDonald's says it's lost 500 million customer transactions in the US since 2012 and plans to use deals to help win people back. The world's biggest burger chain said Wednesday during its investor day in Chicago that much of that business was lost after it did away... More »

By 6 or 7, Kids Learn How to Lie and Distrust

Lying comes before distrust, researchers find

(Newser) - Kids are capable of thinking strategically, including using competitiveness and lies to their own benefit, by the time they're 7. So report researchers out of the University of Minnesota who studied 69 kids ages 3 to 9 playing two games. Kids typically figure out how to infer what others... More »

Here's a Winning Strategy for Rock-Paper- Scissors

Study shows how you can predict opponents' actions

(Newser) - Thanks to researchers in China, you never have to leave a game of rock-paper-scissors up to chance again. They observed 360 students in 60 groups of six players each; the students played what must have been an exhausting 300 rounds. Perhaps unsurprisingly, players played each move—rock, paper, or scissors—... More »

Meet Chess World's Young New Champ

Magnus Carlsen, 22, seen as a game-changer, literally

(Newser) - The world of chess just got a jolt. In what the Times of India calls "the most one-sided world championship match in modern history," Norway's Magnus Carlsen, 22, beat reigning champ Viswanathan Anand, 43, today to become World Chess Champion. In doing so, he has ushered in... More »

Obama Is the Anti-Cowboy

Slow decision on Afghanistan a contrast from Bush's gut checks

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s prolonged Afghanistan strategy review has if nothing else distinguished him from his predecessor—Obama is anything but the “gut player” Dubya claimed to be. In fact, he’s put on “a spectacle of deliberation unlike anything seen in the White House in recent memory,”... More »

Stung by Polls, Obama Plans Health Care Offensive

Prez open to dropping public option

(Newser) - President Obama is heading into autumn with a new strategy in hand: He’s going to get specific on what he wants in health care legislation, reports Politico. He is expected to lay out details in a major address soon, and he will reiterate that he's willing to let the... More »

For Afghan Success, Look to Colombia

Countries face similar troubles—and Colombians know how to fix them

(Newser) - When President Obama reviewed US strategy in Afghanistan, the lessons of Iraq were key. But a better comparison might be Colombia, where parallels abound—and where the government has handled insurgents with a fair bit of success, writes Scott Wilson in the Washington Post. Both Afghanistan and Colombia have faced... More »

How to Fix Afghanistan

Four ways to improve strategy in misdirected war

(Newser) - The war in Afghanistan is going poorly, but there’s still time for the US to hone its strategy, Fareed Zakaria writes in Newsweek. We must keep in mind our chief aim, well-put by Defense Secretary Robert Gates: “to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a base for terrorists... More »

Spore Sparkles, But Gameplay's a Little Dim

Game delivers on 'universe in a box' hype, but that doesn't mean it's great

(Newser) - Most critics are positive about Spore, but you’ll likely get a different answer from each about why. Troy Wolverton, writing in the San Jose Mercury News, found the game “engrossing,” though he wonders whether it will live up to the “massive hype.” In the New ... More »

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