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Clinton Buys $63K in Weather Channel Ads Pre-Hurricane

This could be a smart buy in battleground state of Florida—or it could backfire

(Newser) - One wouldn't think buying commercial spots on the Weather Channel would be the obvious media choice for presidential candidates vying for votes, but with Hurricane Matthew barreling toward the battleground states of Florida and North Carolina just a month before Election Day, that's exactly what Hillary Clinton's... More »

Polls: Trump, Clinton Basically Tied in 2 Swing States

Hillary has 1-point lead in Pennsylvania, Trump in Colorado

(Newser) - New CNN/ORC polls released Monday have Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump practically in a dead heat in two battleground states, with just one point separating the two, CNN reports. In Colorado , Trump is the one in the lead, nabbing 42% of likely voters to Clinton's 41% (Libertarian Gary Johnson... More »

Democrats Think 3 Long-Red States Are in Play

Arizona, Georgia, and even Utah

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign has stepped up its efforts to win two states that haven't voted Democratic in a presidential election since another Clinton was on the ballot: Arizona and Georgia. Perhaps more surprising, they have hopes in Utah, too. Democratic sources tell the Washington Post that Clinton's... More »

An Hour-by-Hour Guide to Election Night

Things start cooking at 6pm EST

(Newser) - Today's the day ... but not much will happen until tonight. An hourly rundown of what to watch for in the quest for the big 270 (all times EST):
  • 6pm: And the polls start closing! Indiana and Kentucky are the first to close a portion of their polls. The states
... More »

Let the 3-Day Home Stretch Begin

Romney, Obama hit the swing states

(Newser) - Quick, rattle off as many of the "battleground states" as you can. Points for Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Partial credit for Pennsylvania, where Mitt Romney is still hoping for an upset, reports AP . And now you have a good idea where... More »

Orlando Sentinel Switches to Romney

Florida paper had endorsed Obama last time around

(Newser) - Good news for Mitt Romney out of the battleground state of Florida: After endorsing President Obama in 2008, the Orlando Sentinel is backing Romney this time around, CNN reports. Its reasons: "anemic" economic growth and the increasing poverty rate. "We have little confidence that Obama would be more... More »

Nate Silver's 1st Forecast: Obama By a Nose

FiveThirtyEight guru lays out 2012 model

(Newser) - OK, it's official, the general election season has begun: Nate Silver has started forecasting it. The stats guru today unveiled his first, tenuous prediction for the 2012 race: That President Obama is ever so slightly favored to win a second term. The model currently gives Obama a 60% chance... More »

Google May Have Misdirected Thousands of Voters

Election Center polling place finder packed with errors

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of voters who used Google to find their assigned polling places may have been sent to the wrong spot. Aristotle, a political technology firm that makes a polling place finder of its own, calculates that one of Google's Election Center apps may have given the wrong information... More »

McAuliffe Denies DNC Offered Money to Nader

Spokesman slams Nader's claim he was bribed to avoid key states in '04

(Newser) - Ralph Nader's claim that then-DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe offered him cash to stay out of key state races in 2004 is far from the truth, McAuliffe campaign strategist Mo Elleithee tells the Blue Virginia blog. McAuliffe did speak to Nader—who Elleithee claims was being funded by the GOP—to... More »

Politico's Play-by-Play Guide to Game Time Tonight

(Newser) - At 5 tonight, a wave of exit-polling results will be distributed to media insiders, who'll try manfully to resist sharing anything that might prejudice voters—even though it will kill them. At 6 pm, the results will start rolling in, and Politico gives you a play-by-play guide to what to... More »

Undecided Voters Agree: Choosing Is Tough

Undecideds waiting for candidates to provide tell-tale slip-up

(Newser) - Undecided voters want one thing from John McCain and Barack Obama: a reason to vote for one of them—or not. “I’m waiting for one of them to shoot himself in the leg,” one torn Floridian tells the LA Times. "I just don't trust politicians,"... More »

Amish Could Give McCain Crucial Swing-State Support

Many members of sect, concentrated in Ohio, Pa., voted Bush in '04

(Newser) - With John McCain now focused on winning Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, he could get help from a group that has traditionally avoided politics: the Amish. When they do vote, Amish are thought to be 100% Republican because of their views on abortion, Benjamin Sarlin writes in the Daily Beast; George... More »

Candidates Bombard Swing States With Radio Ads

Campaigns like low cost, lower accountability

(Newser) - Although conventional radio may seem obsolete, it is an important tool of the presidential campaigns this year, USA Today reports. Political advertising is flooding the airwaves in battleground states as the campaigns take advantage of the cost: $500 to $600 per airing for a 30-second spot in Northern Virginia, compared... More »

Miss Virginia Strikes Back at GOP Slight

'Real Virginia' swipe ruffles feathers of 3-time winner

(Newser) - Miss Virginia has entered the fray. Former crown wearer Kristi Lauren Glakas takes exception to the division of her state by a top McCain adviser into the "real Virginia" of the conservative South and the urban northern suburbs of DC. Glakas, an honor student at UVA who's won three... More »

Obama Takes Big Leads in Big Ten Country: Polls

Crucial Midwestern battlegrounds show sizable advantages for Democrat

(Newser) - Barack Obama enjoys sizable leads in crucial Midwestern states, a Big Ten Battleground poll shows. Across Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota—home to the universities in the Big Ten Conference and key battlegrounds in previous elections—Obama leads John McCain by margins of at least 10%. More »

Hillary, Obama Blitz Fla. for Early Votes

Clinton, Obama take to the stage together as Dems battle to flip the Sunshine State

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton threw herself into the battle for Florida as early voters packed polling places yesterday, the Washington Post reports. Barack Obama, pulling out all stops in an effort to flip the state to the Democratic side, led a crowd of 50,000 in chants of "Hil-lar-y" as the... More »

Dems Win Registration Wars

New swing-state voters look like Obama backers; independents add numbers, too

(Newser) - With voter registration closing in many states today, it appears Barack Obama has largely succeeded in his attempt to make over the electorate, the Washington Post reports. Some 4 million new voters have registered across a dozen battleground states, with new Democrats greatly outnumbering new Republicans. In Florida, Obama has... More »

Poll: Obama Outflanking McCain in Key States

Economic worries give Obama the edge in 5 battleground states

(Newser) - Vital swing states are swinging in Barack Obama's direction,  the latest CNN poll finds. The candidate has opened up leads over John McCain in Florida, Nevada and Missouri, while widening his margins in Virginia and Minnesota. The boost has come largely from moderates impressed by Obama's debate performance and... More »

Virginians Pour Record Dollars Into Election

State's newfound battleground status sparks funding fervor

(Newser) - With their home state up for grabs for the first time in decades, Virginians—particularly Democrats from the northern part of the state—are pouring money into the presidential race, the Washington Post reports. Thus far, locals have given a record $25.3 million to various candidates throughout the election... More »

Poll: Obama, McCain Tied in 5 Key States

Barack gains, Mac seen as 'typical Repub' as economy worries hit

(Newser) - The race for the White House is in a dead heat in some vital swing states, according to a new CNN poll. The poll found John McCain and Barack Obama effectively tied in Florida and Ohio while in North Carolina, Indiana, and Wisconsin—where both contenders are pouring resources—neither... More »

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