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Oz the OK and Sorta Effective

Critics not over the raindow for Sam Raimi and James Franco's prequel

(Newser) - Sam Raimi's prequel to the Wizard of Oz hits theaters this weekend, but critics weren't exactly swept up and blown away by it. While few really hated Oz the Great and Powerful, few loved it either, and most concluding James Franco was a poor choice for the lead.... More »

11 Possible Hobbit Directors

The movie is cursed, so surely the choice will be terrible

(Newser) - Now that Guillermo del Toro has quit The Hobbit, who will take over as director? Considering the movie is in jeopardy, since doomed MGM holds the rights, del Toro's replacement "has to be somebody who doesn't have much to lose in taking on a project with a 50% probability... More »

Spider-Man 4 Off Because Director Saw Avatar

Director pushed for special effects studio wouldn't pay for

(Newser) - The problems with the Spider-Man 4 script were genuine, but the real reason the flick got the ax is that the director saw Avatar. Sam Raimi became infatuated with the advanced computer graphics in the James Cameron blockbuster and wanted to take advantage of them, insiders tell New York . Sony... More »

Spider-Man 4 Scrapped

Franchise rebooting with new film after problems

(Newser) - Sony has canceled plans for Spider-Man 4 and will reboot the franchise with an all-new cast and a different director instead. The studio scrapped the fourth installment after director Sam Raimi told the studio that story issues meant there was no way he could meet the summer 2011 release date,... More »

YouTube Clip Wins Movie Deal

Panic Attack! will be turned into a $30M feature

(Newser) - A Uruguayan man who spent $300 creating a YouTube video called Panic Attack! has been offered a $30 million contract to make a Hollywood film. "I uploaded on a Thursday and on Monday my inbox was totally full of e-mails from Hollywood studios," the creator tells the BBC... More »

Drag Me Is Hellish Good Fun

Sam Raimi returns to horror with flying colors

(Newser) - Drag Me to Hell is director Sam Raimi’s return to horror after a stint with Spidey—and he proves he's got the form down in the gruesome story of a cursed loan officer:
  • The film “does everything we want a horror film to do: It is fearsomely scary,
... More »

Spidey to Return for 2 More Films

Maguire, Raimi will be back; no word on Dunst

(Newser) - The web-slinging’s not over for Tobey Maguire, who, along with director Sam Raimi, is nearing a deal for two more Spider-Man movies, says the Hollywood Reporter. The first three films make up Sony’s highest-grossing movie franchise, having scored $2.5 billion internationally. The studio is considering back-to-back production... More »

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