FTO gene

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Don't Blame 'Obesity Gene' for Failure to Lose Weight

Study finds the gene does not prevent carriers from losing weight

(Newser) - Carriers of a specific form of the FTO gene, known as the "obesity gene," are 70% more likely to be obese , tend to have a bigger appetite , and weigh an average of 6.6 pounds more than non-carriers. But, a new study finds, carrying the gene does not... More »

Teens Can Outrun 'Fatso Gene'

Hour of excercise a day keeps the extra pounds away

(Newser) - A "fatso" gene can pack the pounds on teens, but they can beat it with an hour of exercise a day, scientists have discovered in a new study. "Get active" playing sports, biking, swimming, dancing, the lead researcher urges teens. Teens in the study saddled with the troublesome... More »

Exercise Trumps Obesity Gene

Active lifestyle defeats fat-driving genes, study finds

(Newser) - Regular exercise and an active lifestyle can defeat the so-called obesity gene, which predisposes millions of people to be overweight, reports WebMD. Researchers found that people with variations of the gene were more likely to be overweight, but that the gene had no effect on those who included three to... More »

3 Stories