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Eminem Unloads on Trump During Awards Show Rap

He raises a fist for Colin Kaepernick, who notices

(Newser) - Tell us how you really feel, Marshall. Eminem delivered a scathing freestyle rap against President Trump that aired during Tuesday night's BET Hip Hop Awards, reports Time . You can watch the video here , but it comes with the obvious warning on language. In fact, the video was both profane... More »

Weepy Chris Brown Steals Show at BET Awards

He breaks down during Michael Jackson tribute

(Newser) - Kanye West, TI, and even ‘80s star El DeBarge blazed down the comeback trail at last night’s BET Awards—but Chris Brown ultimately stole the spotlight. He performed a dazzling dance tribute to Michael Jackson then broke down in sobs as he was about to sing “Man... More »

Bieber's BET Nom: Good or Bad?

Is Black Entertainment TV just jumping on bandwagon?

(Newser) - Justin Bieber already won over the world’s tween girls, and now he’s scored a BET Award nomination —causing some confusion, considering his “lack of melanin.” But, points out Andreas Hale on , other white artists like Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Eminem have... More »

BET's Michael Vick Project a Little Too Redemptive

Redemption is there in spades, but little talk of horrid crime

(Newser) - Critics agree BET's The Michael Vick Project is conveniently focused more on the NFL star's comeback than on the horrid crime that laid him low in the first place. Still, some find the 8-episode "quasi-documentary" appealing:
  • Vick presents himself as reformed, Robert Lloyd writes in the Los Angeles Times
... More »

Chris Brown: I'm Paying for What I Did

Singer apologizes to Rihanna on air, says he regrets assault

(Newser) - Chris Brown apologized to Rihanna on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday, adding that he’s “embarrassed” by the assault. The singer says he doesn’t agree with his ex-girlfriend's decision to discuss the incident on 20/20, but “I can only be a man and just accept the... More »

Vick Plans TV Documentary Series on His Life

Show will take a somber, serious look at QB's life: BET producers

(Newser) - Michael Vick will star in an eight-part documentary-style TV series about his life for BET. The Michael Vick Project, due in 2010, will look at Vick’s comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles along with his troubled childhood and—of course—the time he spent running a dogfighting ring. "I... More »

Your Guide to Today's Jacko Media Orgy

Let the 'freak show' begin

(Newser) - Surprisingly, the elephants entering Staples Center this morning aren’t there for the “Michael Jackson Memorial Orgy of Excess”—but for the circus, opening tomorrow. “That seems completely appropriate,” writes Lisa de Moraes for the Washington Post. As for today’s “freak show,” 16... More »

Janet, Grim Joe Appear at BET's Jacko Tribute

(Newser) - The BET awards last night were turned into a  star-studded tribute to Michael Jackson, with host Jamie Foxx donning a red leather "Billie Jean" jacket and Beyonce calling Jackson "my teacher and hero." Joe Jackson, wearing a hat and sunglasses, expressed anger about the singer's death. "... More »

Chris Brown Returning to Stage for Jackson Show

(Newser) - Chris Brown will return to the stage for the first time since he assaulted ex Rihanna in February for a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards tomorrow, Access Hollywood reports. Rihanna is also planning to attend the event. Brown lent his voice to a tribute song featuring The Game,... More »

BET Debuts First Sitcom for Somebodies

First original BET scripted series

(Newser) - BET premieres a new cutting-edge sitcom today—the first original scripted series in its 28-year history. Called Somebodies, it's already being compared with Seinfeld, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It's set in Athens, Ga., and stars newcomer Hadjii as Scottie, a character who has been a university student far too... More »

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