National Institute of Mental Health

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New Psychiatry 'Bible' Under Fire

Critics say it's too broad, confusing

(Newser) - A new edition of the manual doctors use to diagnose mental illness, the DSM, has just been released by the American Psychiatric Association—but it has already been stirring up controversy for months, reports CBS . Most critically, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health has spoken out against... More »

Moody Teen? Must Have an Immature Frontal Lobe

Decision-making area matures last: study

(Newser) - Scientists studying teenage brains believe the growth process is responsible for some of the more unpleasant traits of adolescence, the Daily Telegraph reports. Brain scans revealed that the front of the frontal lobe—responsible for impulses and decision-making—was among the very last parts of the brain to mature, which... More »

Gender Influences Effectiveness of Antidepressants

Men, women respond differently to drugs

(Newser) - The results of the largest-ever federal study of depression are in, and the link between gender and treatment is clearer than ever before, Newsweek reports. Men and premenopausal women respond differently to different formulations of drugs, suggesting the strong influence of estrogen and reinforcing the gap between two commonly prescribed... More »

3 Stories