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Harvard Profs Can't Have Sex With Undergrads Anymore

Ban replaces looser policy discouraging relationships between faculty, students

(Newser) - Still under the microscope of the Education Department for how it's handled sexual assault cases , Harvard University has been revamping its policies. The latest revision ends what some believe is an inappropriate practice: romantic and sexual relationships between professors and undergrads. The Ivy League school joins other colleges like... More »

The 13 Most Worthless Majors

Want a job? Avoid fine art, according to 'Daily Beast' list

(Newser) - Hey, college students: If your life plans include getting an actual job, you may want to avoid the stars of the Daily Beast 's "most useless" majors list. Majors are ranked in terms of employment, taking into account unemployment rates among recent and experienced grads, earnings, and likely... More »

Colleges Use Student Blogs as Free PR

Warts-and-all posts by undergrads can lure savvy prospects

(Newser) - Colleges are loosening the reins on student bloggers in hopes that a dose of candid commentary will lure prospective applicants. At MIT, for instance, bloggers paid by the admissions office go about their work with no fear of censorship. That policy has caused some friction—including a spat between the... More »

Colleges Adding Meow to Mix

MIT among higher-ed bastions allowing students to keep cats in dorms

(Newser) - Colleges around the country are warming up to furry friends, the Boston Globe reports. MIT is in the vanguard, offering as an example its 8-year-old program that allows student-vetted felines to live in certain dorms. "They can really lighten the mood,” one senior says, “especially when students... More »

4 Stories