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Critics Pan Remember Me's Twist Ending

Performances, chemistry good, but ending 'misconceived,' even 'offensive'

(Newser) - No reviewer fails to mention the “shocking” twist ending when ultimately condemning Remember Me, but some have nice things to say about Robert Pattinson and the other actors. Some opinions:
  • This ain't your Twilight-style Robert Pattinson, so "as Tyler, a New York college boy, the brooding RPatz doesn’
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Hockey Mom's Policies Won't Help Disabled Children

Palin, McCain set to continue policies that 'trample the weak, hurdle the dead'

(Newser) - The image of Sarah Palin as a take-no-prisoners hockey mom doesn’t square with advocating for special-needs kids, Marianne Leone writes in the Boston Globe. She may have a newborn with Down syndrome, but the “warrior culture” that suits "pit bull" Palin has "no place for the... More »

2 Stories