Jim Hansen

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Obama 'Has 4 Years to Save Planet'

Environmental crisis at tipping point—and US must show way

(Newser) - Carbon levels are skyrocketing, ice caps are melting, and global flooding is on its way if Barack Obama doesn’t do something about it, and quickly, a NASA scientist says. Top climate expert Jim Hansen says it’s crucial that within 4 years the next president change America—the world’... More »

Green Vandals Acquitted on Climate Change Defense

Global crisis justifies coal-plant attack: jury

(Newser) - Six Greenpeace activists who vandalized a coal-fired power station in Britain have won acquittal using the threat of global warming as a defense, reports the Guardian. The activists, who caused more than $50,000 in damage to a smokestack, said they were trying to prevent property damage from the plant’... More »

2 Stories