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First Tweet-Only Device Debuts

Interesting idea, but bloggers are skeptical it will catch on

(Newser) - The concept is simple: a device dedicated solely to sending and receiving tweets. TwitterPeek—made by mobile email/text gadget maker Peek—launches today at a cost of $199 with free lifetime service or $99 with a monthly charge of $7.95. Neat, writes Don Reisinger on CNET, but this idea... More »

Gadget Checks Email—Period.

It's light on features, but Peek is perfect for the non-Geek

(Newser) - There are two kinds of gadget-buyers: Feature-listers and elegance-appreciators. And, boy, will feature-listers ever hate the Peek, writes David Pogue in the New York Times. The Peek is a simple, cheap little gadget that does nothing but send and receive email. Feature-rich, it ain’t, but it may well appeal... More »

2 Stories