Burn After Reading

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US, Russian Experts Chuckle at Feckless 'Spies'

Operation viewed as 'nutty' throwback

(Newser) - To espionage experts, the 11 alleged secret agents busted as members of a Russian spy ring look like something straight out of the spy spoof Burn After Reading: inept amateurs relying on outdated, cliched methods and delivering very little useful intelligence. One former CIA boss called the operation "nutty"... More »

Lakeview Bullies Box Office

Samuel L. Jackson thriller beats Coen brothers for top spot

(Newser) - Samuel L. Jackson thriller Lakeview Terrace debuted at number one over a soft box office weekend, Variety reports. Banking $15.6 million, it ousted Burn After Reading ($11.3 million) and outpaced My Best Friend’s Girl ($8.3 million), Igor ($8 million), and Righteous Kill ($7.7 million). Ricky... More »

Coens Burn, But Not Brightly

No Country follow-up funny, but not the brothers' best

(Newser) - Burn After Reading is your standard Coen Brothers comedy: It’s black, clever, and zany, and David Ansen writes in Newsweek that he “enjoyed just about every heartlessly jolly minute of it.” The film is nominally a spy/thriller spoof, its sidewinder plot involving airhead gym employees trying to... More »

3 Stories