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Aggressive? Your Walk Gives It Away

'Personality is indeed manifest in the way we walk'

(Newser) - The word swagger doesn't just describe the biomechanics of a person's gait. Its very definition is often linked to confidence and aggression, suggesting that one's mood or even personality can be revealed in how they walk. Now, research in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior suggests that certain... More »

To Rule the Dating Scene, Open Up— Literally

Assuming 'open' posture of dominance, expansiveness attracts mates: study

(Newser) - You may not think of that guy manspreading across from you on the subway as a magnificent peacock, but he's more or less doing it for the same effect: a show of dominance and openness. And indeed, new research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests... More »

Pentagon Analyzes Putin's ... Body Language

And spends lots of money to do so

(Newser) - How to figure out what Vladimir Putin might be up to next? You might stare into his eyes to plumb his soul, as George W. Bush famously did . Or you can spend serious money to study his body language, as the Pentagon has done. Defense officials confirmed yesterday that they'... More »

Palin's Winks Unlikely to Nudge Undecided

Controversy in the blink of an eye

(Newser) - In Latin America, it's an unmistakable come-on. In much of Asia, it's offensive. In a vice-presidential debate, the meaning of a wink is sparking plenty of controversy, writes Faye Fiore in the Los Angeles Times. Sarah Palin winks more often than any politician experts can remember, and it has "... More »

Tonight's Tango: Think Dance, Not Debate

Get ready for Barack and Mac to bust some Clintonian moves

(Newser) - Tonight in Nashville, don’t expect either a real “town hall” format or a true debate, advises Jack Shafer in Slate. We won’t see unvetted questions or reasoned exchanges. What we can expect are some interesting moves, with the candidates taking cues from earlier performances by Bill Clinton,... More »

Palin's Posture Reveals Her Self-Doubt: Expert

Posture, clenched hands reveal lack of confidence

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s performance in her first television interview pales when compared to her commanding convention speech, an expert told CBS News. The Alaska governor’s poor posture and hand-wringing in the ABC interview reveal insecurity, according to body language pro Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, who gave the Republican veep pick an... More »

6 Stories