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Planned Parenthood Aside, Komen Is Just Ineffective

We must continue to put pressure on breast cancer organization: Peggy Orenstein

(Newser) - The furor that pushed the Komen foundation to reverse its controversial Planned Parenthood decision must now be turned to other aspects of the breast cancer fundraising organization, writes Peggy Orenstein in the Los Angeles Times . Despite the name "Susan G. Komen for the Cure," last year the organization... More »

Komen's New Promo: Pink Handgun?

$430 'Hope Edition' of Walther P-22 for sale

(Newser) - The Susan G. Komen Foundation may not have seen the last of controversy. Just as the group reinstates Planned Parenthood funding , news emerges that it's apparently promoting breast cancer awareness with a special pink handgun. According to , Komen has partnered with a gun seller to offer the... More »

Boobies Bracelets Are No Way to Beat Cancer

Time, effort, money could be used more wisely

(Newser) - When a federal judge sided with the Pennsylvania students who wore "I ♥ Boobies!" bracelets to school , that was "score one for free speech," writes Peggy Orenstein in the Los Angeles Times . But the score for breast cancer? Zero. These "sexy" breast cancer awareness campaigns... More »

Feminists Want You to Grow a Unibrow ... for Charity

Aim of unibrows would be to raise money for charity

(Newser) - Men have "Movember," in which they grow mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, but what do women have? Surely bra- and purse-related Facebook status updates are not enough, so feminist website recommends "Decembrow." The idea: Women... More »

Middle-Schoolers Sue Over 'Boobies' Bracelet Ban

Girls were suspended; ACLU joins the fight

(Newser) - The popular "I (heart) boobies!" bracelets may be silly—but that doesn't mean students should be suspended for wearing them, the ACLU asserts. The organization helped two middle-schoolers file a lawsuit against their district yesterday after the $4 bracelets, meant to promote breast cancer awareness, got them suspended,... More »

Breast Cancer Month Does More Harm Than Good

Yes, breast cancer is important—but this campaign is too much

(Newser) - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has gone too far, argues H. Gilbert Welch. Even though he's a physician, and even though his own wife survived a breast cancer diagnosis a decade ago, he has serious concerns about the campaign, which “has led women to be more fearful of breast... More »

Surgeon General Targets Killer Blood Clots

Easily treated 'silent' condition kills about 100,000 each year

(Newser) - An easily treatable complication related to blood clots kills 100,000 Americans every year, but a new federal awareness campaign aims to change that, the AP reports. Although deep vein thrombosis affects up to 600,000 people a year, "I don't think most people understand that this is a... More »

7 Stories