relational aggression

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Mean Girls Outgrow Bitchy .... Usually

Cooperation works better in the workplace, adulthood

(Newser) - Alpha "mean girls" from high school turn into get-along "gamma women" by the time they hit their 20s ... in most cases, according to experts. "Relational aggression" involving catty gossip, public digs and humiliating pranks tends to decline with age, with bullying plummeting in college, observers say. College... More »

UK's Gay 'Cannibal' Chef Gets 30-to-Life

Gruesome murder 'plumbed depths rarely encountered': judge

(Newser) - The British “cannibal chef” who cooked and ate parts of his boyfriend after killing him was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison today, the Telegraph reports. Applause and cries of “murderer” exploded from the gallery after Anthony Morely, 36, was sentenced. The judge called it “... More »

Cruel TV Makes for Crueler Viewers: Study

Meanness of Mean Girls as influential as killing in Kill Bill

(Newser) - Psychologists have long known about the link between on-screen violence and real-life aggression, but a new study suggests video cruelty has much the same effect, USA Today reports. Groups of subjects shown either footage from Mean Girls of the hands-off hostility known as "relational aggression" or a knife fight... More »

3 Stories