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Anti-Romney Ad Stars ... OJ Simpson

Mitt has been around a long time, American Bridge PAC points out

(Newser) - What is OJ Simpson doing in an ad about Mitt Romney? Pointing out just how long Romney’s been in the political game. A new ad from the American Bridge PAC takes aim at Romney’s recent assertion that he’s an outsider who has no political career by showing... More »

Get Ready for Earful From Obama Aides

President needs trash-talking surrogates ahead of election 2012: Michael Scherer

(Newser) - Amid press conferences and big speeches, President Obama spent his first two years in office as “his own messenger.” But expect that to change in the run-up to the next election, writes Michael Scherer in Time . In those first two years, Obama lacked a solid team of spokespeople;... More »

Obama Planning Sweeping Staff Shakeup

White House to look different with Plouffe in, Axelrod and Emanuel out

(Newser) - President Obama has pushed back his staff shakeup until January, but it may be bigger than expected when it actually comes, Politico reports. The biggest addition will be David Plouffe, who, alongside interim chief of staff Pete Rouse, is expected to tighten up what had been a chaotic organization revolving... More »

White House's New Must-Have: iPad

Apple's 'magical' device a hit at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

(Newser) - Known as technophiles during the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama's top advisers have a "magical" new gadget to geek out on: The iPad, which has become a staple in the White House. The Washington Post undertook the important journalistic endeavor of exposing early adopters like Rahm Emanuel (who has "... More »

Spurning Beijing, Obama Will Meet Dalai Lama

President ignores Chinese warning against sit-down with Tibetan leader

(Newser) - Despite China's warning that a meeting with the Dalai Lama would "threaten trust and cooperation" with the US, President Obama still plans to sit down with the Tibetan spiritual leader when he visits Washington this month. "The president told China's leaders during his trip last year that he... More »

Mac Fathered BlackBerry, Staffer Claims

Dems scoff at Gore moment; aide calls it 'boneheaded joke'

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s campaign was quick to mock a staffer’s claim today that John McCain helped create the BlackBerry, the Hill reports. An aide suggested that the Republican’s service on the Senate Commerce Committee, which concerns itself with telecommunications, qualified him as a father of the ubiquitous device—... More »

6 Stories