Barbara Streisand

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Bizarre Political Moments of '08

Weird doings with Hillary, Huck and a chucked shoe

(Newser) - Oh-eight was a banner year for politics, and half the time it was a really strange banner. Politico looks back on the weirdest moments in a topsy-turvy year.
  • Mike Huckabee holds a news conference to announce he won’t run a negative ad, then plays the ad for everyone.
  • Desperate
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Star-Studded Wallets Come Out for Obama Fundraiser

Dem rakes in $11M as McCain scoffs

(Newser) - Barack Obama pulled down $11 million between two star-studded Hollywood fundraisers last night, in the biggest single-night take of his campaign, reports the Los Angeles Times. The candidate mixed it up with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Chris Rock, and Barbra Streisand —who capped off the night with a... More »

2 Stories