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CAR Minister Says Tennis Star's Passport Is a 'Clumsy Fake'

And that Boris Becker isn't an official diplomat, though Becker disagrees

(Newser) - Boris Becker's claim of diplomatic immunity in an ongoing bankruptcy case just went from odd to bewildering. Though the former tennis champ claims his April appointment as a Central African Republic attache to the European Union means he's immune from bankruptcy hearings in the UK, the CAR appears... More »

White Sox Player Ate His Passport on a Plane

Jose Abreu testified he had to get rid of fake doc before landing in US

(Newser) - Some people snack on the peanuts offered on airline flights; Jose Abreu scarfs down beer and pieces of his passport. That's what the first baseman for the Chicago White Sox testified Wednesday in Miami at a trial for a baseball agent and a trainer accused of smuggling Cuban baseball... More »

Mos Def Arrested for Fake 'World Passport'

Rapper has 14 days to leave South Africa and is banned for 5 years

(Newser) - A government spokesman says the American entertainer commonly known as Mos Def was arrested in South Africa for traveling with a fraudulent passport. Department of Home Affairs spokesman Mayihlome Tshwete tells the AP that the 42-year-old rapper and actor was arrested at Cape Town International Airport on Thursday. Mos Def... More »

Puerto Rico to Invalidate Every Birth Certificate

Born before July 1, 2010? You'll have to reapply

(Newser) - Talk about an extreme way to tackle identify theft: This July Puerto Rico will invalidate every birth certificate it has handed out. Its 4 million residents, and the 1.2 million Puerto Ricans living in the US, will then have to reapply for the document. The government hopes the radical... More »

Passport Security Easy to Breach: Govt. Probe

(Newser) - A US passport is easy to obtain using fake or fraudulent documents, even with extensive post-9/11 security reforms, the AP reports. At the request of a Senate committee, a government investigator went undercover and quickly obtained multiple passports, using the identities of a dead man, a 5-year-old, and two fictitious... More »

Passport Frauds Used Identities of Deceased

Fake documents used by illegal immigrants, military deserters

(Newser) - More than 100 people stole the identities of dead people to cover up their immigration status, military desertion or drunken-driving convictions, federal authorities say after an investigation called “Operation Deathmatch.” Some of the accused even hid their true selves from spouses and children, and had been using the... More »

6 Stories