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'Smoking Baby' Mom Arrested After Facebook Commotion

Viral video led cops to 20-year-old Brianna Ashanti Lofton

(Newser) - A video of an infant smoking a small cigar set off outrage on social media that helped North Carolina authorities ID and arrest the mother. A version of the video that's received 1.5 million views was posted by a user who urged the mother's arrest. The 10-second... More »

Cuban Cigars Just Got Much Easier to Obtain

Obama lifts restrictions on the smokes as well as rum

(Newser) - Good news for lovers of Cuban cigars and rum: The White House said Friday it's eliminating a $100 limit on the value of those items that American travelers can bring back from the island, reports AP . Cuban rum and cigars will now be subject to the same duties as... More »

Rebellious Teens Turn to ... Cigars?

Cigarette use down, other kinds of smoking up

(Newser) - Cigarette use is down among teenagers, but many of them have discovered different ways of smoking tobacco, with cigar and even hookah use on the rise among high school students, a government survey finds. The percentage of cigar-smoking high-school students rose from 11.6% to 12.6% last year, while... More »

Americans Ditch Cigarettes for Pipes, Cigars

Cigarette consumption falls nearly 33% over 12 years

(Newser) - Smoking less these days? You're not alone: US cigarette consumption has dropped nearly 33% over the past dozen years, according to a CDC report. But Americans are making up for it by puffing on far more cigars and pipes. In fact, large-cigar consumption jumped more than 300%. And pipe... More »

Clove Cigarettes Banned: Enter Clove 'Small Cigars'

FDA, importer disagree over definition of a cigarette

(Newser) - For one California importer of smokes, an awful lot has come to rest on the precise definition of a cigar. After a ban on clove cigarettes went into effect last month, Kretek International slyly began importing Djarum-brand clove “small cigars." They're quite similar to Djarum’s clove cigarettes,... More »

Phelps' Latest Offer: Cigar 'Smokesperson'

See, who needs Kellogs?

(Newser) - Finally, someone who appreciates Michael Phelps’ less obvious talents. Gurkha Cigars has offered the toking Olympian $25,000 to be its official "smokesperson," reports TMZ. In a letter, the company said it wanted Phelps to “do what you do best—smoke and swim. And while we can’... More »

Hurricanes Smoke Cuban Cigar Biz

Double blow from Gustav, Ike to cost billions

(Newser) - Back-to-back blows from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike have the Cuban tobacco industry reeling, reports the Miami Herald. Hurricane Ike alone destroyed half of this year's tobacco plants, more than 3,000 tobacco-drying barns and nearly 9,000 homes for workers. The destruction occurred just days after Gustav had already wreaked... More »

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