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Geithner: Wall Street Is Safe Again

(Newser) - The return of hefty profits on Wall Street doesn't mean that banks are returning to previous bad behavior, Tim Geithner insists. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the Treasury secretary says the big banks are safer now because "they're running with much less leverage," greater liquidity,... More »

Don't Celebrate Yet, Stock Market

(Newser) - Don’t get too excited by the stock market’s recent rally. Stocks may go up another 10%-20% this year, says analyst Jeremy Grantham, but after that the market will crash again, and stay that way for years. “We've lost our shirts and we feel poor,” explains Henry... More »

Credit Markets Show Signs of Thaw

But experts warn that the credit market remains tight, and may not ease for months

(Newser) - The government’s move to take stakes in major banks has finally succeeded in easing some of the panic that’s locked up credit markets, reports the Wall Street Journal. Corporate-bond values rose and commercial paper began trading at lower rates, giving hope that the intervention is working, though experts... More »

Crisis 'Going to Last a Lot Longer'

The ills of the banking sector are spreading to industries previously thought resistant

(Newser) - The “worst financial crisis since the Great Depression” is spiraling downward and we may not have hit bottom yet, reports the Wall Street Journal in a look at how the subprime contagion has spread beyond its banking hosts, infiltrating sectors previously thought to be immune. “I think it’... More »

4 Stories