Chinook helicopters

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US Arms Sales Hog 75% of Global Market

Washington's overseas sales tripled last year

(Newser) - America's weapon sales abroad last year skyrocketed to $66.3 billion, triple the 2010 figure of $21.4 billion, according to a nonpartisan report. US sales accounted for more than three-quarters of the $85.3 billion market and marked a record high for sales in a year, blowing away... More »

Witnesses Recount Helicopter Tragedy

Chinook burst into flames, crashed in pieces

(Newser) - As soon as the Chinook helicopter carrying 30 American troops and eight Afghans was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade fired from a hillside, it burst into flames, a witness tells the AP . "After it started burning, it crashed. It came down in three pieces. We could see it burning... More »

NATO Strikes Kill Taliban Helicopter Shooters

But second Taliban leader gets away

(Newser) - A NATO strike on Monday took out the Taliban forces responsible for downing a Chinook helicopter, reports Reuters , in a tragedy that killed all 38 Afghan and American soldiers aboard last weekend. "The strike killed Taliban leader Mullah Mohibullah and the insurgent who fired the shot associated with the... More »

Was Crashed Copter's Rescue Mission Necessary?

Investigators probing that question

(Newser) - A heartbreaking twist in the helicopter tragedy that claimed 38 US and Afghan lives: The rescue mission the troops were en route to may not even have been necessary. Special Operations forces in the remote Tangi Valley requested assistance after coming under fire from "several" insurgents, even though they... More »

NATO: Taliban Rocket Likely Downed Helicopter

Officials working to recover every single piece

(Newser) - The helicopter that crashed over the weekend in Afghanistan, killing 30 US troops and eight others, was likely shot down by a Taliban rocket, NATO forces said today. Though the Taliban was quick to claim responsibility, Western officials had been tight-lipped until today's announcement, Reuters notes. The Navy SEALs... More »

SEALs in Afghan Crash Died After Rescuing Comrades

Elite fighters saved Army Rangers pinned down by fire

(Newser) - The Navy SEALs killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan were headed home from a rescue mission in which they flew to the aid of Army rangers who had come under a major Taliban assault, officials are revealing. The SEALs had "subdued attackers" who had pinned down the Rangers... More »

30 US Troops Die in Afghan Chopper Crash

Deadliest incident in decade-old war; Karzai sends condolences

(Newser) - A helicopter crash in Afghanistan's eastern Wardak province has killed 30 US special operation troops and seven Afghan soldiers, Hamid Karzai said today. (The US figure was revised from 31.) It was the highest number of casualties recorded in a single incident in the decade-long war. NATO confirmed... More »

Pilot Shot in Head Still Lands With Afghan Injured

Hangs onto controls with blood in his eyes

(Newser) - A British pilot shot in the head managed to land his aging helicopter full of Afghanistan war wounded in a safe zone. Lt. Ian Fortune, 28, has ferrying wounded on a Chinook chopper last month when it suddenly "shuddered," said reporter Mike Brewer, who was on board doing... More »

7 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Copter Crash

Military has ruled out hostile fire in the Chinook accident

(Newser) - Seven US soldiers were killed in southern Iraq today when their helicopter crashed, the AP reports. "At this time we are uncertain of the cause, but hostile fire has been ruled out," a military spokesman said. The crash occurred shortly after midnight in a desert under British military... More »

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