Census of Marine Life

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Sea Census Logs 185K Species ... and Counting

Project leaders say they've only recorded a fraction of marine life

(Newser) - Scientists working on the Census of Marine Life have logged more than 185,000 species since the massive project began a decade ago, and say that's just a fraction of the total. The project—which has been trying to log all sea life from whales to single-celled creatures—plans to... More »

Great Whites Now Rarer Than Tigers

New study finds sharks much closer to extinction

(Newser) - Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...it probably is. Great White sharks are now even more endangered than tigers, according to a new study. Researchers who tagged and tracked the sharks determined that their numbers have fallen below those of the 3,500... More »

Ocean Census Surprises Scientists

Effort to chart all undersea life by 2010 finds 5K new species

(Newser) - Somewhere under the Antarctic Ocean, brittle starfish completely cover a submerged mountain. In the Pacific, sharks congregate in a region with few food sources but plenty of opportunity for romance. Those facts, along with an accounting of more than 5,000 newly discovered species, are part of the results of... More »

Sea of New Ocean Life Discovered

Scientists find new crustaceans, rays, sharks and coral

(Newser) - Over 100 new ocean species have been discovered in coral reefs off Western Australia during a global census of marine life. They include exotic soft corals, new kinds of jellyfish, rays and shellfish, and parasites that feed on the tongues of fish, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The discoveries are... More »

4 Stories