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Brit MP Dies After She's Shot, Stabbed in Street Attack

Jo Cox was assaulted in Leeds

(Newser) - A British Labour MP has died after being shot and stabbed in an apparently targeted attack on Thursday, reports the BBC . Jo Cox—who was airlifted to a Leeds hospital, per the Yorkshire Post —was leaving a drop-in session for constituents at a library in Birstall around 1pm when... More »

Parliament Gone Wild: MP Allegedly Headbutts Rival

Labour lawmaker Eric Joyce charged with assault

(Newser) - Britain's Houses of Parliament are home to no fewer than nine bars in which thirsty lawmakers and staffers can enjoy subsidized booze, and Labour MP Eric Joyce apparently had a few too many in one of them on Wednesday night. The Scotsman has been charged with three counts of... More »

Glenn Beck: Norway Victims Just Like Hitler Youth

Compares youth camp to notorious Nazi wing

(Newser) - Glenn Beck has prompted outrage yet again, this time for comparing teenage victims of the Norway shooting rampage to Hitler youth. The right-wing radio host said the Labor Party's camp on Utoya Island— where 68 people were shot last week —is eerily similar to the Nazis' juvenile branch,... More »

Tony Blair: I Drank Too Much

And I hated Gordon Brown

(Newser) - Tony Blair’s memoir, A Journey, has just hit stores, and it’s loaded with juicy revelations that have Britain talking. Among them:
  • Blair says he used alcohol as “a prop,” with his daily intake “definitely at the outer limit” of what was acceptable. “By the
... More »

David Cameron Will Succeed Gordon Brown

Tory-Liberal Dem coalition talks continue

(Newser) - Gordon Brown stepped down as prime minister and resigned as head of the Labour Party today, as it became clear that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are on the verge of forming a coalition government. David Cameron, the head of the Tories, is expected to visit Buckingham Palace today to... More »

Cameron, Clegg Scramble to Form UK Government

Election leaves Liberal Dems in driver's seat

(Newser) - Britain's winner-less election has left both the Conservatives and the Labour Party furiously negotiating with and sucking up to Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, with papers just as furiously live-blogging the comings and goings. Though they actually lost seats, the Liberal Dems have the power to determine who becomes prime... More »

Cameron Says He'll Form UK Government

Conservative Party didn't win majority but got most votes, seats

(Newser) - In the wake of yesterday's no-winner election in the UK, Conservative Party leader David Cameron says he plans to form a government even though he failed to secure a majority in Parliament, the Times of London reports. He has the support of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, who said Cameron... More »

Nobody Wins UK Election

Country faces hung parliament with no clear winner

(Newser) - The British haven't finished counting the votes from yesterday's election yet but it's now certain that no party will gain a majority of seats in Parliament, despite a large swing of votes toward the Conservatives away from the ruling Labour Party. Britain now has a "hung parliament," in... More »

Cameron Dominates Final UK Debate

Brown fails to make breakthrough in third televised talk-fest

(Newser) - Conservative leader David Cameron was widely seen as the winner of last night's third and final British election debate after Gordon Brown failed to make the breakthrough he desperately needed. The Conservative leader, in a debate focusing on the economy, promised to make sweeping budget cuts if he gains power... More »

Clegg Under Fire in 2nd UK Election Debate

Polls show Liberal Democrat leader narrowly winning Round 2

(Newser) - The third-party candidate who upended Britain's political landscape with a runaway victory in last week's election debate won by a narrower margin as the party leaders clashed again last night, according to polls. In a debate focused on foreign policy, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg came under fire from both... More »

3rd-Party Candidate Wins UK Election Debate

Clegg wins over voters as Brown, Cameron trade jabs

(Newser) - The leaders of both Britain's main political parties may be wishing they'd never agreed to the country's first American-style televised election debate. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg—who offered up his party as a fresh alternative to Gordon Brown's Labour and David Cameron's Conservatives—is widely seen to have won... More »

Brown Meets With Queen to Dissolve Parliament

Key step starts clock on national election

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with Queen Elizabeth this morning to ask her to dissolve parliament to make way for new elections next month. The symbolic action will officially mark the beginning of a general election campaign, leaving Brown to fight for his political life in the Labour Party... More »

UK Will Go to Polls May 6

PM Gordon Brown's Labour majority under siege

(Newser) - With his Labour Party’s majority under siege, British PM Gordon Brown will call a general election for May 6. Brown must ask Queen Elizabeth to dissolve Parliament, after which he’ll give a speech that paints the vote as “the big choice,” sources tell the BBC , which... More »

Gordon Brown Survives Secret Ballot Coup Attempt

Opposition calls for an immediate general election

(Newser) - Gordon Brown narrowly dodged the latest attempt to unseat him yesterday, after two senior members of his party called for a secret ballot on his leadership. Brown came out on top in the vote, but looked weakened, with several members of his cabinet offering only belated, tepid statements of support.... More »

Brown, Labour Fuming After Murdoch Backs Conservatives

(Newser) - Gordon Brown is livid and his colleagues in the Labour Party are ripping up copies of the Sun in public after Rupert Murdoch ended 12 years of support and backed Conservative David Cameron this week. “We don't need an Australian-American coming to our country with a paper that has... More »

BBC Journo Stuns Brown with Pill-Popping Question

Labor furious after interviewer follows up Internet rumors

(Newser) - Gordon Brown's office and the British Labor Party are furious with the BBC after the host of the channel's flagship political program asked the prime minister if he took prescription painkillers. Downing Street had already denied the rumor, which began on the Internet. A shocked Brown responded: "No! I... More »

Bruised Brown Talks of Fleeing Downing Street

British PM 'hurt' by personal attacks lobbed by fellow Labourites

(Newser) - After surviving a coup by members of his own party earlier this month, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown admitted he was “hurt” by their personal attacks and said he could “walk away from all this tomorrow.” “I’m not interested in what accompanies being in power,... More »

Brown Survives Party Revolt

(Newser) - British PM Gordon Brown survived a rowdy party meeting today despite Labour’s dismal election results and a backbencher uprising, the Guardian reports. 16 Labour parliamentarians spoke in defense of Brown and five called for his resignation in the wake of a high-profile financial scandal. “You solve the problem... More »

EU Election Pounds Left

Low turnout across 27 nations leads to extremist gains

(Newser) - The center-right won a clear victory in this weekend's European parliament elections, while a record low turnout helped far-right and extremist groups make gains across the 27-nation bloc, the BBC reports. The ruling conservative parties in France, Germany and Italy performed well, while in Britain Labor came in a dismal... More »

Brown: 'I Won't Walk Away'

Embattled prime minister refuses to quit as Labour rebellion gathers strength

(Newser) - A defiant Gordon Brown said last night he will not "waver or walk away" from leadership despite a growing mutiny within the Labour Party, the Guardian reports. The British prime minister rejected calls for his resignation and managed to restore a semblance of authority after a day of surprise... More »

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