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Study: Teens Who Never Would've Smoked Are Vaping

The smoking rate dropped in 2004; then came e-cigarettes

(Newser) - With the debut of vaping in the US in 2007, there was hope that teens who smoked would replace old-school cigarettes with e-cigarettes, curbing tobacco use. But a new USC study in the journal Pediatrics has found teens who never would have smoked regular cigarettes are experimenting with vaping. Another... More »

British Medical Group: E-Cigs Save Lives

They should be 'encouraged and endorsed' for smokers: body

(Newser) - The CDC says e-cigarettes may have long-term health effects and might even encourage users to pick up traditional cigarettes. The UK's Royal College of Physicians is singing a much different tune: It's urging smokers to give them a try. The lead author of a report released Thursday says... More »

E-Cigarette Explodes as Guy Tries to Smoke It

Josh Swartz ended up pretty badly hurt

(Newser) - Josh Swartz bought an e-cigarette just two weeks ago, hoping to use it to quit smoking. Instead, on Friday, it exploded while he was smoking it, the Arkansas man tells KNWA . "I put it to my mouth and as soon as I pressed the button on the bottom, the... More »

Oxford's Word of 2014: Vape

'Budtender,' 'slacktivism' also on the shortlist

(Newser) - Oxford Dictionaries says it tries to reflect what's happening in society with its word of the year, and this seems to have been a smoke-heavy year: "Vape"—"to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device"—was this year's... More »

WHO: Ban E-Cigs Indoors

Organization wants electronic cigarettes regulated more, citing health risks

(Newser) - More support for those who think it's too early to jump on the e-cigarette bandwagon: The vapor-producing devices may still pose a threat to users' and bystanders' health, says WHO, which suggests stronger regulations on the relatively new industry in a report released today, reports Reuters . The health... More »

FDA's E-Cigarette Rules Coming Today

But it could be a year or more before they're implemented

(Newser) - The FDA will today propose its new regulations for e-cigarettes, which up until now have seen basically no federal oversight. The new rules will also cover pipe tobacco and cigars, which have also gone unregulated until now. Highlights from the hundreds-of-pages-long blueprint, from the New York Times and the AP... More »

Switching to E-Cigarettes? Read This Study First

Researchers find cause for concern in preliminary study

(Newser) - As the FDA considers how to regulate e-cigarettes, a recent study finds very tentative reason for concern: When it comes to promoting cancer development in certain types of lung cells, it may not matter whether you're smoking the real thing or the nicotine-laced vapor in an electronic cigarette. How... More »

NYC Moves to Ban E-Cigs in Public

Smoking ban could be extended to cover vaping

(Newser) - Councilors in New York City are racing to snuff out electronic cigarettes in public places before a new mayor and new council move in next year. The devices, which emit vapor instead of smoke, have surged in popularity and the council will vote next month on a proposal to ban... More »

Number of Teens Puffing on E-Cigs Doubles

One in 10 high schoolers report trying them, and right now, that's legal

(Newser) - The number of teenagers who at least tried an electronic cigarette doubled last year, with one in 10 doing so, according to new figures from the CDC. "This is really taking off among kids," the CDC's director tells the New York Times . Middle schools saw a jump,... More »

Why Big Tobacco Is Getting Hooked on E-Cigs

No big state taxes means no black market

(Newser) - The American e-cigarette business is booming: It's expected to make more than $1 billion this year, and sales are projected to overtake those of real cigarettes by 2047. Big tobacco is probably fine with this, reports BusinessWeek , and the reason why is surprising. According to a recent report, an... More »

Europe to Ban Menthols in Cigarette Crackdown

European Parliament also intends to mandate electronic cigarette regulation

(Newser) - Europe is trying to kick its smoking habit. A key European Parliament committee yesterday passed sweeping anti-tobacco legislation that would ban all flavored cigarettes—including menthols—and all slim cigarettes, and subject electronic cigarettes to medical regulation, among other restrictions. The moves coincide with similar efforts from the FDA in... More »

Sean Parker's New Play: E-Cigarettes

Investors diving into unregulated industry

(Newser) - The e-cigarette marketplace is an almost totally unregulated frontier, and one that's starting to attract serious interest from investors. Perhaps the biggest name so far: Facebook bad boy (and extravagant wedding planner ) Sean Parker, who, the Wall Street Journal reports today, has put $10 million into NJOY as... More »

Utah May Tax E-Cigs Like the Real Ones

States getting impatient with FDA to rule on electronic cigarettes

(Newser) - A proposal in the Utah Legislature that would tax electronic cigarettes at the same rate as regular cigarettes has put the state at the forefront of a national movement to regulate the increasingly popular devices. More than 35 proposals calling for some type of regulation of electronic cigarettes have been... More »

Marlboro Maker Targets China's Vaccine Market

Philip Morris trying to move beyond cigarettes

(Newser) - Marlboro maker Philip Morris only has a tiny sliver of China's gargantuan cigarette market, but it is determined to do business in the country, even if that means moving beyond traditional cigarettes, the Wall Street Journal reports. China's state-owned tobacco firm has a virtual monopoly on cigarettes sales,... More »

Passenger With E-Cig Kicked Off Flight

Does it violate 'no-smoking' rules? Continental thinks so

(Newser) - A flight out of Portland had to return to the airport yesterday after a man started puffing on an e-cigarette shortly after takeoff and refused to stop. He was escorted off the plane at Portland International Airport and may face federal charges, reports OregonLive.com . (It's not clear what... More »

E-Cigarette Explodes in Man's Mouth

Blast knocks out all his teeth, burns face

(Newser) - Scary news for electronic smokers: A 57-year-old man in Florida suffered serious injuries when an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth, ABC reports. The explosion knocked out all the man's teeth and part of his tongue, and severely burned his face. "The best analogy is that it was like... More »

E-Cigs Work, But Have Smoking Foes Burning

They can help smokers quit, but anti-smoking groups still want ban

(Newser) - A recent experiment in Italy found that electronic cigarettes can help even hard-core smokers quit, boosting hopes that e-cigarettes could be a much better tool than more traditional products like nicotine patches and gum. So why are government officials and anti-smoking groups working to ban the device, which delivers a... More »

E-Cig Users Hit by Smoking Bans

Bans being retooled to cover smokeless devices

(Newser) - Electronic cigarettes don't burn anything and emit an odorless vapor instead of smoke, but users say they sometimes get treated as if they'd lit a reeking cigar. Use of the devices in places where cigarettes are banned has sparked fierce debate, and some states, cities, and workplaces have... More »

FDA to Regulate E-Cigs

But just as tobacco products, not 'drug-delivery devices'

(Newser) - The FDA is getting in on the e-cigarette action, announcing today that it will regulate the smokeless smokes the same way it does other tobacco products. That's actually good news for e-cig purveyors, reports the AP, as they bypass tougher regulations they would have faced if labeled a drug-delivery... More »

E-Cigarettes Escape Tighter Regulation

Court decides electronic smokes should be treated like tobacco

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration's attempt to crack down on "electronic cigarettes" has been defeated in court. A federal appeals court ruled that the products, which create a nicotine vapor instead of smoke, should be treated like tobacco products—not like nicotine-placement gum or patches, which would place them... More »

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