neolithic period

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Early Humans Ate Animals We Call Pets

Human bite marks found on small-carnivore remains

(Newser) - Europeans have dined on dogs, foxes, badgers, and wild cats, a new study says—although admittedly it's been a while. Researchers base this on ancient small-carnivore remains discovered in a Spanish cave, the Telegraph reports. Dating back 3,100 to 7,200 years, the remains show signs of human... More »

Archaeologists Make Grisly Find in China

Skulls of 80 sacrificed young women unearthed

(Newser) - A mass grave holding the skulls of 80 young women has been found in China, state media today reported, and the details only get grislier from there. Archaeologists believe the women may have been sacrificed as many as 4,000 years ago, perhaps as part of "foundation ceremonies" that... More »

Scientists Find Source of Stonehenge Rock

Neolothic builders used stone from 160 miles away

(Newser) - Scientists have for the first time pinpointed the exact location of rock used to build part of Stonehenge, the Independent reports. British geologists say rock in some of the early, smaller standing stones—not the big "sarsen" ones—originated in a 70-yard-long outcropping about 160 miles away. Did the... More »

'Sister' Stonehenge Discovered

Finding indicates far vaster religious complex

(Newser) - Rejoice, druids everywhere. An underground wooden Stonehenge "sister" has been discovered less than a mile north of the famous structure, convincing researchers that the site was a far grander prehistoric religious complex than previously envisioned. Scientists using sophisticated ground-penetrating X-ray machines have found what appears to have been a... More »

Ancient Royal Tomb Unearthed in Scotland

(Newser) - A spectacular royal tomb chock full of the personal belongings of a Bronze Age ruler has been discovered in Scotland, reports the Independent. The 4,000-year-old tomb, marked with engravings, lies at the center of a giant circle of 200 timber obelisks in Forteviot, which served as a capital of... More »

Oldest-Known Nuclear Family Unearthed

Murdered Stone Age family found buried in group hug

(Newser) - The oldest nuclear family ever discovered has been found in a group hug in a Stone Age burial site, the Independent reports. Genetic testing revealed that the four skeletons buried in each other's arms at the site in Germany were a father, mother, and their two young sons. All had... More »

Stonehenge Rocked as 'Neolithic Lourdes'

New research into 2300 BC stone circle indicates it was place of healing

(Newser) - Two archeologists have discovered evidence indicating that Stonehenge was a kind of "Neolithic Lourdes" pilgrimage destination where people came to be healed, the BBC reports. The researchers also used radiocarbon methods to date the mysterious stone circle in southern England to 2300 BC. Mineral analysis indicates the giant bluestone... More »

7 Stories