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10 States With the Most Student Debt

Sorry, Delaware pupils

(Newser) - The average American college student owed $28,950 at graduation in 2014—but students in some states are even worse off. 24/7 Wall St. rounds up the top 10 states with the most student debt on average—based on 2014 numbers from the Institute for College Access and Success—noting... More »

6 States With Most Mental Illness

West Virginians especially struggle with it

(Newser) - Nearly 10 million Americans experience a serious mental illness within any one year, and 24/7 Wall St. outlines the 12 states that have the largest adult populations struggling with various forms of mental illness, including depression and bipolar disorder. To come up with this ranking, the site examined surveys administered... More »

Study Names Worst State for Drunk Driving

It's North Dakota, though Montana isn't great, either

(Newser) - Be careful on the roads in North Dakota. The state is the most dangerous in the country when it comes to drunk driving, according to an analysis by . It considered five factors: a state's drunk-driving-related deaths and arrests in 2015, its penalties and laws, and its cost... More »

Forget 50 States: America Is 7 Regions

Parag Khanna wants us to think differently

(Newser) - America's political division into 50 states is only hurting its ability to compete in the global economy, writes Parag Khanna at the New York Times . That's because the US, like other nations, is clustering into city-centered economic regions that need social and economic support. "The 50-state model... More »

10 States With the Most Violent Crimes

Bad news, Alaska, though Nevada isn't far behind

(Newser) - The country's violent crime rate came down 9.4% from 2010 to 2014, with the latest year reporting 366 violent crimes (murders, rapes, robberies, assaults) for every 100,000 Americans, reports 24/7 Wall Street . Still, the violent crime rate in some states is almost twice that. Here are the... More »

5 States Where Your $100 Goes Furthest

And 5 where it goes fastest

(Newser) - The Tax Foundation has crunched the numbers on what $100 is really worth in different parts of the country, and those who want the most bang for their buck should head to Mississippi and avoid DC, notes Forbes . Here are the five states where $100 is worth the most:
  1. Mississippi,
... More »

See the 'Most Distinctive' Cause of Death in Your State

From accidental gunfire in Alabama to prostate problems in California

(Newser) - A map that shows the leading cause of death in each state would show the usual culprits of heart disease and cancer all over the place. But things get more interesting in a map that shows the "most distinctive" cause of death in each state—the one that "... More »

Most Terrible Place to Have Thanksgiving? Ohio

Based on odds of political arguments, binge drinking, and more

(Newser) - We're all aware of the many potential pitfalls of Thanksgiving: the political arguments, the drunk-uncle factor, the football losses. Now, the real-estate blog Estately has figured out, based on the confluence of such factors, just which states have the highest risk for terrible turkey dinners. The site looked at... More »

America's Most Stressed States Are...

Unemployment helps put Florida top

(Newser) - Florida is the most stressed-out state in the lower 48 and that has nothing to do with pythons , shark attacks , or drug-dealing mayors , according to a new study. Real-estate blog Movoto used factors including commuting times, housing prices, and lack of health insurance to arrive at its findings. It ranked... More »

Why States Are Worried About Your Face Wash

Plastic 'microbeads' prompt environmental concern

(Newser) - Your face wash may be bad for the environment, and several states are trying to do something about it. The problem is "microbeads," minuscule pieces of plastic about the size of Abe Lincoln's eye on a penny, Time reports. They're found in all kinds of products... More »

So Far, 23 States Agree to Build Insurance Exchanges

12 are undecided; feds will build them in the rest

(Newser) - One huge tangible of President Obama's victory: With ObamaCare moving forward, states must decide in a month how they'll go about setting up health insurance exchanges where the uninsured can get coverage in 2014. The original deadline was yesterday (it got extended this week), and the AP takes... More »

How Google Reveals State Stereotypes

It's all about the autocomplete feature

(Newser) - Ever wondered what people really think of your state? Google can tell you: Just type in, "Why is (state name here) so..." and let autocomplete fill in the rest; that'll show you what others have been searching. Blogger Renee DiResta tried it for all 50 states, and... More »

Guess Which State Americans Hate Most?

If you said 'California,' pat yourself on the back

(Newser) - Americans are generally pretty positive, or at least indifferent, about these United States. Public Policy Polling asked 1,200 people how they felt about each of the 50 states, and only five were viewed more unfavorably than favorably. America's favorite state, by an overwhelming margin was Hawaii, while its... More »

States, Cities Gutted Spending in 2011

Medicaid, state jobs, infrastructure hit

(Newser) - The final three months of 2011 saw states, cities, and school districts making their biggest spending cuts in a decade, USA Today reports. Spending dropped 1.6% from the same period the year before, plummeting by $26 billion. The result: States are seeing their smallest shortfalls in years, and in... More »

North Dakota May Not Be a State

Local historian trying to get constitutional 'oops' fixed

(Newser) - North Dakota has been a state since 1889—or has it? An 82-year-old government watchdog and local historian has been trying, for 16 years, to get someone to notice an important flaw in the state's constitution that he says renders North Dakota's very statehood invalid. The state constitution... More »

Video Pokes at 50 State Stereotypes a succinct 2:03

(Newser) - Every one of the 50 states will no doubt be teeming with barbecues, parades, and fireworks today. But that shared love of corn on the cob isn't the only thing the 50 states have in common. Each lays claim to a specific stereotype. Like, for instance, Indiana: "You... More »

And the Least-Stressed US State Is...

Hawaii, Wyoming top list

(Newser) - America is about as stressed as it was last year, a recent poll finds: Some 39.4% of 352,840 respondents called themselves stressed “a lot of the day,” compared to 39.9% last year. The year before was just a little more relaxed, with 38.8% saying... More »

Ten States Losing Smart People

Utah, Texas, Iowa make the list

(Newser) - Some states are not keeping up with the others in regard to education. Declining math and reading scores, lower numbers of people with post-secondary degrees, and loss of white-collar workers all imply a decrease in "smart people" compared to the rest of the country. A look at the states... More »

Top 10 States in Deepest Debt

The worst-off are not who you might suspect

(Newser) - Forty-four states will likely come up short of their budgets in 2012, a development that has lawmakers considering a special bankruptcy provision for states. But which are deepest in the hole? The Daily Beast crunched the numbers, factoring in not just debt but unfunded pension and health care obligations. Here's... More »

Cantor: No Bailouts, Bankruptcy for States

States already have tools to fix budget woes, majority leader says

(Newser) - Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are in favor of changing the rules to allow cash-strapped states to seek bankruptcy protection , but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is pooh-poohing the idea. Cantor says states already have the power to balance their books through cutting spending, raising taxes, or renegotiating... More »

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