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Take My VP—Please!

Just 3 weeks in, jokes signal tensions may lurk beneath Obama's public praise of Biden

(Newser) - Only a few weeks in, and Joe Biden and Barack Obama are already sniping at each other half-seriously? That’s how it sometimes looks, the Los Angeles Times reports. After the VP  recently talked up the stimulus package’s chances of failing. Obama responded, “You know, I don’t... More »

Off the Radar, 'Joe the Biden' Courts the Base

Gaffe-prone senator manages to stay (mostly) out of trouble

(Newser) - While the rest of the big three draw huge crowds and intense scrutiny, Joe Biden is out of the spotlight, rallying four-digit rather than five-digit crowds and generally dodging the national media. With higher favorability ratings than Sarah Palin but a well-documented propensity for gaffes, he shores up the base... More »

What Will He Say Next?

Biden's gaffes are day-to-day curse for Obama camp, and blessing in disguise

(Newser) - Will Joe Biden make it to November? The talky senator has so far managed to avoid major damage to Barack Obama’s campaign, despite a number of close brushes. But, notes Bill Nichols in Politico, there’s a week to go. While Biden’s favorable ratings are high and the... More »

He's the Grown-Up We've Waited for

Obama is winning because he's mature

(Newser) - Barack Obama is an adult. That, writes Joe Klein in Time, is why he's winning—"the steadiness of his temperament and the judicious quality of his decision-making." In contrast, John McCain seems to lurch wildly, making a "peremptory selection" of a running mate and suspending his campaign... More »

Amid Questions, Biden Releases Medical Records

Gaps in VP hopeful's history raise some lingering issues

(Newser) - As questions about the medical history of all four national candidates continue to circulate, Joe Biden released a cache of records today that indicate the 65-year-old VP hopeful is in good health, the AP reports. Like many men his age, Biden takes a cholesterol-lowering drug and has an enlarged prostate,... More »

Face Time Pays Big for Obama in Battlegrounds

Dem and surrogates pound pavement, outhustle GOP

(Newser) - One reason for Barack Obama’s lead in the polls: He and his surrogates have simply outhustled the Republicans, the Wall Street Journal reports. Obama, wife Michelle, and running mate Joe Biden have had 95 swing-state appearances since Sept. 5, to 55 for their Republican counterparts. Personal appearances like these... More »

What Happens If One Kicks Before Election Day?

Plans for window before Jan. 20 also diverge

(Newser) - With the VP hopefuls girding for tonight's debate, it's natural to wonder what would become of their respective tickets should either presidential candidate die or otherwise become incapacitated before Nov. 4. Each party has its own protocol, explains Nina Shen Rastogi, writing for Slate, but in neither case does the... More »

'Regular Joe' Wades Into Fray

Dem VP in his element talking up a storm with voters

(Newser) - If VP candidates are a campaign’s attack dog, Joe Biden is “a big, thirsty St. Bernard,” who loves kissing babies and getting in the mix, reports the LA Times. Now that the media obsession with Sarah Palin is fading, reporters are remembering that Biden is still out... More »

Palin Lifts McCain Among White Women

Gender gap shrinks as VP pick causes shift

(Newser) - John McCain has made huge strides with female voters since choosing Sarah Palin, says a new poll reported. Before tapping his running mate, McCain trailed Barack Obama 52% to 18% on the question of which candidate better understands “women and what is important to them,” Politico reports, deconstructing... More »

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