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Woman's Profane Rooster Rant Goes Viral

The 'inconsiderate jerk' crows at 5:30am without fail

(Newser) - Roosters aren't for everyone. The much-maligned male chicken is banned in cities across the US, and now one woman in a small town in Michigan is so fed up with hers that she posted an expletive-ridden rooster rant on Facebook last week. Largely hailed as hilarious, her post has... More »

Why JCPenney Shopper Has Been Banned for Life From Mall

2 Hispanic women in Kentucky were objects of her rant

(Newser) - Last-minute holiday shopping is usually stressful, but for two Hispanic women in Kentucky, a trip to the local mall proved even more so—and now everyone's watching the video of what happened. Per NBC News , a shopper at JCPenney in Louisville's Jefferson Mall laid into the women Tuesday... More »

Kanye Came, He Ranted (About Beyonce), He Left Show

Because Beyonce rigged the MTV Awards, apparently

(Newser) - Kanye West would apparently like to change his title to "epic ranter," if Saturday night's concert is anything to go by. As the Washington Post reports, West performed two songs at his show in Sacramento before halting abruptly, and airing his tender opinions on topics including but... More »

Marco Rubio Goes on Epic Tweetstorm Over Unnamed Sources

Senator made big return to Twitter after 'WaPo' article

(Newser) - Little Marco Rubio made big waves on Twitter Monday night in what Gawker is calling a "charmingly unhinged s--t fit." Rubio, largely absent from Twitter since he dropped his presidential bid , made his unabashed return after a Washington Post story Monday by Chris Cillizza headlined "5 people... More »

Stop Using This 'Ugly' 4-Letter Word

Danielle Cadet argues that the word 'rant' invalidates important arguments

(Newser) - There's an "ugly" four-letter word that's repeatedly used in reference to black men, and it's about time we drop it. No, it's not thug . It's rant, writes Danielle Cadet for the Huffington Post . Why R-A-N-T? Simply put, it labels an argument "as unimportant... More »

UCLA Student's Anti-Asian Rant Goes Viral

Yes, it even mentions the tsunami

(Newser) - In a video that Gawker and Jezebel call racist and a UCLA spokesperson calls “repugnant,” a woman who claims to be a UCLA student rants about Asian students and their lack of “manners” while using the library. In one charming moment, she impersonates an Asian student talking... More »

Nicolas Cage Totally Loses It Outside Nightclub

'See my eyes—respect them as you'd respect me'

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage pulled a Christian Bale on Sunday, and now finds himself caught on tape going ballistic. Cage was in Romania filming a Ghost Rider sequel when he lost it outside a nightclub where he had been partying—around 5am, the Daily Mail reports. It’s unclear why Cage is... More »

Sarah Palin to Dr. Laura: 'Don't Retreat ... Reload!'

"b thankful 4 her voice, America!'

(Newser) - Not content to sit on the sidelines, um, ever, Sarah Palin swooped in with some words of advice for Dr.Laura, the N-word dropping, former radio host . "Don't retreat ... reload!" she advised, via Twitter . Dr. Laura was forced to step down because her First Amendment rights "ceased... More »

Dear Mel: Get Help

Nearly everyone has an opinion on latest rant

(Newser) - Mel Gibson’s latest crazy rant comes as no surprise to those who have followed his offscreen woes, but this time the legendarily short-fused actor has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he needs help. “The actor who was so gifted at playing bitter, violent men on... More »

Scott Baio, Wife Rant About Jezebel's 'Lesbians'

Renee Baio shows her classy side in Facebook diatribe

(Newser) - Scott Baio seems to enjoy tweeting offensive things and then watching as outrage ensues. The latest controversy started when good old Charles in Charge tweeted that his taxes would pay the way of “lazy non working people,” and Jezebel posted the tweet. Baio wasn’t too happy, calling... More »

Why I Hate Living in Japan

Everything's got meat in it, for one—bad news for vegetarian

(Newser) - Many years of life in Japan have thoroughly soured American expatriate Tim Rogers on the country, despite his long personal history of “tolerating the hell out of some world cultures.” Herewith, some reasons:
  • Animé sucks. Used to be fine, but now “it’s inbred trailer-trash in entertainment
... More »

'Bratty' McCain on the Twitter Warpath Again

Someone, please, delete her account

(Newser) - Meghan McCain is “too undisciplined and impulsive” to handle Twitter, writes the Cajun Boy on Gawker following yet another of McCain's 140-character tirades. The enemy this time? Brian Williams, who “had the audacity to lower his head ever so slightly in a blatant act of deference” at the... More »

Reality Judge Defends 'Sweet' Susan

Says rants were exaggerated in news

(Newser) - Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan defended Susan Boyle today after reports surfaced that the seemingly sweet reality-show songbird spewed several obscenity-laden rants, the Mirror reports. The accounts have been “massively exaggerated,” he said, calling Boyle “an incredibly sweet, nice, gentle person who has been propelled... More »

Jealous Boyle Curses Traitorous Talent Judge

Boyle not happy when Piers praises fellow contestant

(Newser) - Seemingly sweet Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle ranted against fellow contestant Shaheen Jafargholi last night at a London hotel bar, the Mirror reports. When judge Piers Morgan called the 12-year-old's performance “the best singing we have heard in the semifinals so far,” Boyle, 48, allegedly made... More »

Clay to Idol's Adam: Sorry for 'Colorful' Slam

Singer apologizes but repeats ridicule of Lambert

(Newser) - Yesterday, Clay Aiken dismissed fellow American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert as “contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!” But today, Aiken is apologizing for his “colorful (and negative) choice of words,” the New York Daily News reports. “I hope he can forgive me,” Aiken wrote in... More »

Clay: Idol's Lambert 'Frightening'

Former runner-up trashes Idol , contestants in blog

(Newser) - Former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken finds this year’s runner-up, Adam Lambert, “slightly frightening.” Aiken trashed Idol in a post on his blog yesterday, Gawker reports, and Lambert did not escape unscathed. Aiken says he watches Idol only once a season, and “this year, I happened... More »

Terminator Director Excuses Bale Rant

McG takes responsibility for leak

(Newser) - Terminator Salvation director McG joined the Christian Bale Rant Apology Tour yesterday, telling MTV he takes responsibility. “I lead the way by having a big personality, having a strong opinion, and being very vocal on the set. I’m trying to wind everybody up to a level of adrenaline... More »

Bale Begins Terminator Apology Tour

Explanation of recorded rant sure to follow many more times in days to come

(Newser) - Christian Bale began his inevitable “I’m sorry for my rant” publicity tour today on Good Morning America. The actor was ostensibly there to discuss Terminator Salvation, but the question about his videotaped diatribe against a crewmember reared its inevitable head. When asked if he has an anger problem,... More »

Olbermann to Prejean: WTF!?!

Host slams pageant queen for self-righteous attitude

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann ripped “holier-than-thou know-it-all” Carrie Prejean in the new “WTF!?!” segment of his show last night, Gawker reports. “This is no longer about her opinion, it’s about her,” Olbermann insisted, tweaking the beauty queen on the First Amendment: “Your grandfather did... More »

I Don't Have a F*#@ing Twitter: Kanye

Rapper rants against fakers, in all caps

(Newser) - Kanye West’s blog is real—and not ghostwritten at all!—but he would never stoop to the level of joining Twitter, Gawker reports. The rapper vented his frustration at “losers making fake Kanye West Twitter accounts” on his blog yesterday in an all-caps rant (his usual style)... More »

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