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Dry Cleaners Sell Shop Shredded by $67M Lawsuit

Deafeated by lost business, trauma

(Newser) - Years of legal fees and emotional trauma have forced a couple to sell the Washington D.C. dry cleaning shop that was hit with a $67 million lawsuit by a customer over a lost pair of pants. The publicity from the lawsuit, which the customer lost, cost Soo and Jin... More »

$54M Pants Party Helps Pay Legal Fees

Slacks are most famous guest at fundraiser for dry cleaners

(Newser) - A guard stood watch over the most expensive pair of pants in the world at a fundraiser yesterday evening in Washington. Guests sipped cocktails, nibbled appetizers, and took photos with the notorious garment, which was so important to its original owner that he sued his dry cleaners for $54 million.... More »

Judge Catches Plaintiff With Pants Down

DC court rules against litigious fashion victim in $54M (law)suit

(Newser) - "Satisfaction Guaranteed" applies only to reasonable demands, and $54 million for a pair of lost pants isn't reasonable, a judge ruled today in siding with the Washington, DC, dry cleaners sued by a disgruntled customer. Roy Pearson had originally asked for $65 million after a $10.50 alteration of... More »

3 Stories