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Belgium Bails Out Failing Dexia

Belgian division to be nationalized; Belgium, France offer guarantees

(Newser) - Leading Franco-Belgian bank Dexia has agreed to a government rescue plan—making it "the biggest euro zone bank failure in quite some time," one analyst tells the New York Times . The plan will nationalize Dexia's Belgian banking division in a $5.4 billion government buyout; meanwhile, Belgium,... More »

IBM Forecast Rallies Asian, European Markets

Big Blue's outlook erases some gloom

(Newser) - After five straight trading days of losses, investors may have regained a touch of confidence as markets in Asia and Europe bounced back from their beatings today, reports Bloomberg. The rebound, fueled in part by IBM’s reaffirmation of its profit forecast, comes after the worst five-day selloff since 1987.... More »

France Shudders at Bank Bailout of Its Own

(Newser) - As the financial crisis ripples through Europe, France’s banking industry is scrambling to assure investors and customers it will weather the storm, which prompted the country to join in the $9-billion bailout of Belgian-French bank Dexia, reports the Press Association. Dexia's cross-border status amplified the concern, reports the New ... More »

Banking Jitters Send European Shares Down

Experts remain skeptical a $700 billion US bailout will ease credit woes

(Newser) - Investors drove share prices down across Europe and Asia as bank emergencies multiplied  and news of the $700-billion US bailout deal failed to loosen up frozen credit markets, reports Bloomberg. British mortgage lender Bradford & Bingley was taken over by regulators and a trio of European governments jumped in to... More »

4 Stories