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Time, CNN Announce Zakaria's Return

Suspended journalist's plagiarism seen as 'isolated'

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria will soon return to both Time and CNN after his suspension for admitted plagiarism . Time says it's "entirely satisfied that the language in question in his recent column was an unintentional error and an isolated incident." CNN says it conducted a "rigorous" review of... More »

Zakaria on New Attribution Problem: 'Standard Practice'

'Post' finds unattributed quote in 2008 book

(Newser) - In the wake of Fareed Zakaria's plagiarism confession , the Washington Post points out another attribution problem with the journalist's work: In his 2008 book The Post-American World, Zakaria uses a quote from former Intel CEO Andy Grove that originally appeared in another book from 2005, Three Billion New ... More »

Time Suspends Fareed Zakaria for Plagiarism

He apologizes for lifting part of 'New Yorker' story on gun control

(Newser) - Time suspended columnist Fareed Zakaria for plagiarism today after he apologized for swiping parts of a New Yorker piece by Jill Lepore on gun control, reports the Huffington Post . "I made a terrible mistake," Zakaria wrote in a statement published at Atlantic Wire . "It is a serious... More »

Hey, Conservatives: You Want Defense Cuts

Fareed Zakaria on the Pentagon's out of control budget

(Newser) - So let’s get this straight: If Congress can’t agree on another $1.5 trillion in budget cuts, half the cuts will automatically come out of defense spending ? “If so, let the guillotine fall,” declares Fareed Zakaria in the Washington Post . This is the kind of... More »

America's Young Should Be Mad, Too

Our leaders aren't focused on investing in the future

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria sees a lesson for America in the youth-driven revolts sweeping the Middle East. No, America’s democracy is nothing like a Middle Eastern dictatorship. “But if the troubles of Arab youth make us shine a light on the state of America’s youth, the picture that emerges... More »

Wake Up, America, You're in Dangerous Decline

Fareed Zakaria: Our days of glory seem to be behind us

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria is seriously worried about his adopted homeland of the United States. In a Time essay titled "Are America's Best Days Behind Us?" he makes the case that if they're not, they will be soon unless we wake up. The US may have been No. 1 for decades,... More »

Obama's SOTU: Go Centrist, or Go Home

Both sides are right in economy debate, says Fareed Zakaria

(Newser) - President Obama’s recent move the center has been a political boon, but in his State of the Union address he needs to redefine that center, laying out "a genuinely bipartisan pro-growth strategy ... that is not just good politics but good policy," writes Fareed Zakaria for the Washington ... More »

What If North Korea Collapses?

That's a 'black swan' we should be prepared for, writes Fareed Zakaria

(Newser) - It’s entirely possible—if not likely—that the North Korean regime could collapse in the near future, “and at that point, unless there is careful planning among South Korea, China and the United States, all hell will break loose,” writes Fareed Zakaria in the Washington Post . Kim... More »

We 'Overreacted' to 9/11

America wildly exaggerated al-Qaeda's strength, writes Fareed Zakaria

(Newser) - As we approach the 9th anniversary of 9/11, Fareed Zakaria just, well, says it: al-Qaeda isn't that big a threat, and our reaction to it has been a gross overreaction. Unable to launch a major follow-up attack, al-Qaeda's best hope these days "is to find a troubled young man... More »

CNN's Zakaria to ADL: Take Your Award Back

He's angry group opposes mosque

(Newser) - CNN anchor and Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria is giving back an award and honorarium he got from the Anti-Defamation League 5 years ago because the group opposes the proposed Ground Zero mosque. "I hope that it might add to the many voices that have urged you to reconsider and... More »

Toilet Paper Shortage Gives Cuba a Pain in the . . .

(Newser) - Cuba is battling a toilet paper shortage, the Miami Herald reports. The country says the global financial crisis and recent hurricanes have forced it to shutter factories and cut down on electricity usage. The result: The cost of a four-pack of TP in Havana is the equivalent of 2 days'... More »

How to Fix Afghanistan

Four ways to improve strategy in misdirected war

(Newser) - The war in Afghanistan is going poorly, but there’s still time for the US to hone its strategy, Fareed Zakaria writes in Newsweek. We must keep in mind our chief aim, well-put by Defense Secretary Robert Gates: “to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a base for terrorists... More »

Amanpour Gets Own Show, Finally

CNN honchos give in after correspondent raises stink over Zakaria's program

(Newser) - CNN honchos will “soon” announce that dedicated globetrotter Christiane Amanpour will be getting her own show. “She’s getting her own hour. She was furious after CNN gave Fareed Zakaria his own show on Sunday—especially since it’s all about international affairs, which is her specialty,”... More »

Palin Speaks 'Gibberish,' Isn't Ready to be VP: Zakaria

Columnist joins chorus of concerned pundits

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria joins a chorus of pundits from both right and left who have declared the Alaska governor unqualified to be vice president. "Will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony?" the Newsweek columnist writes. When she goes off script, as she had to in the Katie... More »

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