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'The Situation' Wants Prison Mail, and Your Support

'Free Sitch' T-shirts for sale for $24.99

(Newser) - Prison bars aren't about to keep Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from a moneymaking opportunity. The 36-year-old star of MTV's Jersey Shore is hawking "Free Sitch" T-shirts featuring his face for $24.99 as he prepares to report to federal prison in Otisville, NY, on Tuesday, reports... More »

K-Pop Band Member Accused of Wearing Controversial T-Shirt

BTS' Jimin allegedly wore shirt celebrating mushroom cloud over Japanese city in WWII

(Newser) - A popular South Korean boy band was set to appear on one of Japan's biggest TV stations this week, but that appearance has been canceled due to a clothing choice one of its members may have made. Per the Guardian and CNN , K-pop group BTS was scheduled to be... More »

Kanye West Designs 'Blexit' Apparel

The performer promotes a 'Blexit' from the Democrats

(Newser) - Black conservatives, rejoice: Kanye has made you a T-shirt. Kanye West's new apparel line—which urges blacks to ditch the Democrats in a so-called "Blexit"—was unveiled Saturday at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, a meeting for young black conservatives, per... More »

Trump Called Her 'Nasty.' This Is Her Response

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz wears T-shirt with that very word during TV interview

(Newser) - The back-and-forth between President Trump and Carmen Yulin Cruz continues. The San Juan mayor gave a TV interview Wednesday to offer an update in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and she sported an instantly noticeable wardrobe choice: a black T-shirt with the word "NASTY" sprawled across it in white... More »

Jenners' Response to Lawsuit: We Only Sold 2 Tupac Shirts

Kendall, Kylie Jenner say shirts were pulled quickly after uproar

(Newser) - The fashion label for Kendall and Kylie Jenner said Sunday it only sold two "vintage" T-shirts with late rapper Tupac Shakur's image on them before pulling the items from stores, the AP reports. The Kendall + Kylie brand released a statement in response to a copyright infringement lawsuit... More »

Target's Boston Pride Shirts Are Pretty Messed Up

They're now getting pulled

(Newser) - If a company plans to help customers showcase their "local pride," said company should probably have some basic local knowledge. That might not have been the case with Target, whose series of flawed, Boston-themed T-shirts came under attack this week. A Twitter user was among the first to... More »

School Forces Kid to Cover Star Wars Shirt

Dad Joe Southern claims First Amendment violation

(Newser) - A Texas school has gone to the dark side, at least according to the father of a student who attends it. School officials at George Junior High in Rosenberg made the first move last Thursday when they forced 7th grader Colton Southern to cover up his T-shirt depicting a Stormtrooper... More »

T-Shirt Irony Isn't Shooting Suspect's Strong Suit

If it had been, Tieren Watson probably wouldn't have worn this Nike getup

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Alabama man joins this guy in the "Attire That Crime Suspects Should Avoid" category after police arrested him Tuesday for alleged involvement in a shooting over the weekend in Benton, per the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette . Cops tracked Tieren Watson down at a local chain hotel, and his T-shirt... More »

Under Armour Yanks T-Shirt That Looked Like This

Company under fire for basketball tee inspired by Iwo Jima Memorial

(Newser) - What may have started out as a well-intentioned tribute to one of the most iconic images of WWII turned into a PR nightmare for Under Armour. The sports clothing company has pulled its "Band of Ballers" T-shirt (which showed a group erecting a basketball hoop) after complaints started pouring... More »

Rick Perry Selling T-Shirts With His Mugshot

Says he's 'wanted' for 'defeating Democrats'

(Newser) - Rick Perry not only thinks the abuse-of-power charges against him are a joke, he's reveling in them. His Super PAC, RickPAC, is now selling $25 T-shirts featuring the Texas governor's police mugshot, reports ABC News . The text reads that he's a "wanted" man "for securing... More »

Offended Mom Buys All Store's 'Indecent' T-Shirts

Utah woman plans to return them after 59 days

(Newser) - An outraged mother in one of America's most conservative counties decided to take a stand against a mall store's display of "indecent" T-shirts—by buying them all. Judy Cox says she was shopping with her teenage son in Orem, Utah County, when she spotted a window display... More »

Guys, You're 12% Hotter in a Plain White T

And it's particularly effective for the less fit

(Newser) - Note to guys re: looking good: Keep it simple, with a secret weapon. A plain white T-shirt can make a man some 12% more attractive to women, and it actually appears to work better for men who are less shapely, scientists find. Such shirts make the shoulders look broader and... More »

Amazon Pulls 'Keep Calm and Rape' T-Shirts Amid Outcry

Clothing company blames 'algorithm'

(Newser) - "Keep Calm and Rape a Lot" is apparently not a message Amazon wants to endorse. The online mega-retailer has deleted several T-shirts made by the US clothing company Solid Gold Bomb, all carrying similar messages of violence against women, the Guardian reports. But the Massachusetts-based T-shirt maker refused to... More »

Angry 'Get Back on Board!' T-Shirts a Hit in Italy

Plays off coast guard command to captain of cruise ship

(Newser) - The Italian coast guard officer who ordered the Costa Concordia captain to get back on his foundering ship has entered the lexicon with his angry command. "Vada a bordo, cazzo!" T-shirts are all the rage in Italy, reports Reuters . The phrase has been translated into "Get back... More »

Obama Hawking Birth Certificate T-Shirts

'Made in the USA' they snarkily proclaim

(Newser) - Now that he's finally put the birther conspiracy to rest, President Obama has decided to rub it in a little. His campaign is selling snarky T-shirts that say "Made in the USA" on the front and have the president's long-form birth certificate on the back, Politico observes.... More »

WikiLeaks' New Venture Is ... T-Shirts

Site is raising money by selling online merchandise

(Newser) - Julian Assange needs cash to pay legal bills, and WikiLeaks needs cash to keep WikiLeaking. Hence, this new website selling WikiLeaks merchandise, notes Mashable . Feast your eyes on duffle bags, umbrellas, and, of course, T-shirts with Assange pictured as Che Guevara. More »

'Eat Less' T-Shirt In Bad Taste

Urban Outfitters is joking about anorexia?

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters is hawking a new T-shirt featuring a skinny model and the phrase "Eat Less." It's not going over well:
  • Amelia McDonell-Parry, the Frisky : Another stunt from these guys? "You know what I want? For Urban Outfitters to STFU."
  • Cleveland Leader : "Perhaps some of
... More »

Democrats' BFD Shirts Are Sold Out

Riff on Joe Biden's comment is a popular seller

(Newser) - Joe Biden's potty mouth is paying dividends for Democrats. The first batch of BFD t-shirts, based on the vice president's f-bomb description of health care reform, has sold out. A grassroots arm of the Democratic National Committee began selling them yesterday here for $25, notes the Hill . No word on... More »

Obama Hawking Shirt That Spoofs Biden's F-Bomb

Tamed-down shirt: 'Health reform is a BFD'

(Newser) - With entrepreneurs across the Internet cashing in on Joe Biden's health reform f-bomb, the White House is horning in on the action, as well. But whereas other "big f---ing deal" gear uses a slash to tame the f-word, President Obama's website goes a step further in making the phrase... More »

Obama Wants F-Bomb T-Shirt

VP tells donors president thought it was 'the best thing'

(Newser) - Joe Biden told donors that President Obama was pleased by his off-color remark at the health care bill signing. The "best thing" from Tuesday was "Joe's comment," he quoted the president as saying during a morning meeting. "I told him, 'If you thought it was so... More »

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