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School Forces Kid to Cover Star Wars Shirt

Dad Joe Southern claims First Amendment violation

(Newser) - A Texas school has gone to the dark side, at least according to the father of a student who attends it. School officials at George Junior High in Rosenberg made the first move last Thursday when they forced 7th grader Colton Southern to cover up his T-shirt depicting a Stormtrooper... More »

T-Shirt Irony Isn't Shooting Suspect's Strong Suit

If it had been, Tieren Watson probably wouldn't have worn this Nike getup

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Alabama man joins this guy in the "Attire That Crime Suspects Should Avoid" category after police arrested him Tuesday for alleged involvement in a shooting over the weekend in Benton, per the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette . Cops tracked Tieren Watson down at a local chain hotel, and his T-shirt... More »

Under Armour Yanks T-Shirt That Looked Like This

Company under fire for basketball tee inspired by Iwo Jima Memorial

(Newser) - What may have started out as a well-intentioned tribute to one of the most iconic images of WWII turned into a PR nightmare for Under Armour. The sports clothing company has pulled its "Band of Ballers" T-shirt (which showed a group erecting a basketball hoop) after complaints started pouring... More »

Rick Perry Selling T-Shirts With His Mugshot

Says he's 'wanted' for 'defeating Democrats'

(Newser) - Rick Perry not only thinks the abuse-of-power charges against him are a joke, he's reveling in them. His Super PAC, RickPAC, is now selling $25 T-shirts featuring the Texas governor's police mugshot, reports ABC News . The text reads that he's a "wanted" man "for securing... More »

Offended Mom Buys All Store's 'Indecent' T-Shirts

Utah woman plans to return them after 59 days

(Newser) - An outraged mother in one of America's most conservative counties decided to take a stand against a mall store's display of "indecent" T-shirts—by buying them all. Judy Cox says she was shopping with her teenage son in Orem, Utah County, when she spotted a window display... More »

Guys, You're 12% Hotter in a Plain White T

And it's particularly effective for the less fit

(Newser) - Note to guys re: looking good: Keep it simple, with a secret weapon. A plain white T-shirt can make a man some 12% more attractive to women, and it actually appears to work better for men who are less shapely, scientists find. Such shirts make the shoulders look broader and... More »

Amazon Pulls 'Keep Calm and Rape' T-Shirts Amid Outcry

Clothing company blames 'algorithm'

(Newser) - "Keep Calm and Rape a Lot" is apparently not a message Amazon wants to endorse. The online mega-retailer has deleted several T-shirts made by the US clothing company Solid Gold Bomb, all carrying similar messages of violence against women, the Guardian reports. But the Massachusetts-based T-shirt maker refused to... More »

Angry 'Get Back on Board!' T-Shirts a Hit in Italy

Plays off coast guard command to captain of cruise ship

(Newser) - The Italian coast guard officer who ordered the Costa Concordia captain to get back on his foundering ship has entered the lexicon with his angry command. "Vada a bordo, cazzo!" T-shirts are all the rage in Italy, reports Reuters . The phrase has been translated into "Get back... More »

Obama Hawking Birth Certificate T-Shirts

'Made in the USA' they snarkily proclaim

(Newser) - Now that he's finally put the birther conspiracy to rest, President Obama has decided to rub it in a little. His campaign is selling snarky T-shirts that say "Made in the USA" on the front and have the president's long-form birth certificate on the back, Politico observes.... More »

WikiLeaks' New Venture Is ... T-Shirts

Site is raising money by selling online merchandise

(Newser) - Julian Assange needs cash to pay legal bills, and WikiLeaks needs cash to keep WikiLeaking. Hence, this new website selling WikiLeaks merchandise, notes Mashable . Feast your eyes on duffle bags, umbrellas, and, of course, T-shirts with Assange pictured as Che Guevara. More »

'Eat Less' T-Shirt In Bad Taste

Urban Outfitters is joking about anorexia?

(Newser) - Urban Outfitters is hawking a new T-shirt featuring a skinny model and the phrase "Eat Less." It's not going over well:
  • Amelia McDonell-Parry, the Frisky : Another stunt from these guys? "You know what I want? For Urban Outfitters to STFU."
  • Cleveland Leader : "Perhaps some of
... More »

Democrats' BFD Shirts Are Sold Out

Riff on Joe Biden's comment is a popular seller

(Newser) - Joe Biden's potty mouth is paying dividends for Democrats. The first batch of BFD t-shirts, based on the vice president's f-bomb description of health care reform, has sold out. A grassroots arm of the Democratic National Committee began selling them yesterday here for $25, notes the Hill . No word on... More »

Obama Hawking Shirt That Spoofs Biden's F-Bomb

Tamed-down shirt: 'Health reform is a BFD'

(Newser) - With entrepreneurs across the Internet cashing in on Joe Biden's health reform f-bomb, the White House is horning in on the action, as well. But whereas other "big f---ing deal" gear uses a slash to tame the f-word, President Obama's website goes a step further in making the phrase... More »

Obama Wants F-Bomb T-Shirt

VP tells donors president thought it was 'the best thing'

(Newser) - Joe Biden told donors that President Obama was pleased by his off-color remark at the health care bill signing. The "best thing" from Tuesday was "Joe's comment," he quoted the president as saying during a morning meeting. "I told him, 'If you thought it was so... More »

Fading Hope T-Shirt Blasts Obama

Streetwear maven FreshJive says president hasn't lived up to hype

(Newser) - It's getting to be change we can't believe in—a new “Hope is Fading Fast” T-shirt turns the president’s iconic poster into an indictment from the dissatisfied left. The shirt comes from FreshJive , a well-known LA streetwear purveyor with a decidedly liberal bent—founder Rick Katz once commented... More »

Shirt's Message: Pray for Obama's Death

Verse reads, 'Let his days be few' and 'let his children be fatherless'

(Newser) - A seemingly innocent shirt asking readers to pray for the president has ulterior motives. Shirts and bumper stickers are cropping up with the phrase "Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8." As Gawker points out, the verse in question reads in part, "Let his days be few; and... More »

Web Quick to Churn Out Balloon Boy Souvenir

Internet entrepreneurs quick to milk Falcon Heene's 15 minutes for own gain

(Newser) - As if anyone doubted the internet-meme potential of today’s Colorado balloon episode … well, there’s a T-shirt for that. Internet entrepreneurs are already on Zazzle.com with a cartoon of the craft at one point thought to be carrying 6-year-old Falcon Heene, with the caption “Go Falcon,... More »

The New Science of Vintage Tees

Burning, shooting make new look old

(Newser) - T-shirts were once simple sweat absorbers, then for a few decades they were "movable billboards," but in the 21st century, the "cutting-edge T-shirt is all about the T-shirt," writes Hugo Lindgren in New York magazine. Comfort, not logo or slogan, is the name of the game,... More »

Wise Latinas Embrace Their New Label

(Newser) - GOP senators may have pooh-poohed Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” comment, but wise Latinas everywhere are wearing the phrase like a badge of honor, the New York Times reports. From t-shirts to blogs, women of Hispanic heritage have warmed to the phrase much like other minority groups appropriate slurs,... More »

Snark Makes Wolf Shirt a Best Seller

(Newser) - What’s so great about “Three Wolf Moon,” a T-shirt that’s shot to the top of Amazon’s sales chart? Let top reviewer B. Govern explain. “Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women. Cons: Only 3 wolves.” That review went viral,... More »

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