Saginaw, Mich.

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10 US Cities Most Dangerous for Women

Saginaw, Michigan, and Anchorage, Alaska top Forbes' list

(Newser) - Rape statistics are notoriously unreliable, so Forbes has analyzed a wider swath of FBI crime data to create a list of America's most dangerous cities for women. Add robbery and aggravated assault statistics to forcible rape, and you get:
  1. Saginaw, Michigan: 90 miles from Detroit, Saginaw has 76 rapes
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Simon & Garfunkel Lyrics Cover Dying Michigan Town

Fortunes even bleaker in Saginaw than songwriters imagined

(Newser) - Real life is underscoring art in a Midwest town even more poignantly than Paul Simon imagined. Simon and Garfunkel's famous tune " America " recounts a young man's journey from the working class Michigan town of Saginaw to seek his fortunes elsewhere. Now the song's bittersweet lyrics have turned up... More »

You Could Own This Home! ... for $1.75 on eBay

Chicago community-college student plans to sell condemned Mich. house

(Newser) - What can $1.75 buy these days? A home in Saginaw, Mich., apparently. A college student surfing for PlayStations on eBay was the eighth and highest bidder on the condemned house, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Joanne Smith doesn’t plan on making the 300-mile move from Chicago; after paying an... More »

3 Stories