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Execs Freak Over Dancers in Bras, Skirts at Xbox Party

Microsoft HR chief calls it 'unacceptable'

(Newser) - Whoever hired scantily dressed dancers for an Xbox party this week may be polishing his resume about now. A top executive at Microsoft, which owns Xbox, has called the decision "unacceptable" and promises a full investigation, the Seattle Times reports. "When we heard about this and saw the... More »

San Diego Strippers: Cops Made Us Pose for Photos

30 dancers sue city, police chief

(Newser) - In San Diego, strip clubs must submit to "regular inspections" by police—but 30 strippers are suing the city and the police chief over "raids" that, they say, went way too far. In three visits over the course of this year and last, the lawsuit filed yesterday alleges,... More »

Exotic Dancers Fight Over $1 Bill

It gets worse

(Newser) - The weird crime-blotter item of the day comes from Wisconsin's Appleton Post-Crescent , which reports that police had to break up a nasty, hair-pulling fight between two dancers at an exotic dance club over who should get a customer's tip. Bad: The tip was all of $1. Worse: One... More »

Escorts: Utah Law Makes It Illegal to Act Sexy

They're suing to halt new law aimed at prostitutes

(Newser) - Be careful how you act in Utah: If you get too “sexy,” you could find yourself arrested under a new law. The law broadens the definition of solicitation—agreeing to trade sex for money—to include “lewd acts” that imply you want to trade sex for money,... More »

Church Protests Strippers, So Strippers Protest Church

Ohio congregation gets a taste of its own medicine

(Newser) - Sunday services at one Ohio church have had an unusual feature lately: strippers frolicking in front of the building. Fed up with protests by the New Beginnings Ministries community, which employs tactics like filming clubgoers' license plates and posting them online, employees of the Foxhole have begun traveling 7 miles... More »

This Year's Not-So-Nobel Prizes

Spoof kudos for 'mad' scientist projects

(Newser) - Researchers who proved Diet Coke is an effective spermicide, a nation's declaration that plants have rights, and a study that proved dog fleas can jump higher than cat fleas have won Harvard University's annual Ig Nobel Prizes. The spoof awards recognize projects that "first make people laugh, and then... More »

6 Stories