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N. Korea: We've OK'd Nuclear Strike on US

Army warns that 'moment of explosion' is near

(Newser) - Last month, North Korea threatened to hit the US with a pre-emptive nuclear strike . (It even had a video of what it might look like.) Today, Pyongyang managed to up the ante. The North Korean army warned that it had been given the green light to launch said strike... More »

If a Nuke Hits, Stay Inside

But government researchers afraid to start panic by spreading the word

(Newser) - The government has new advice in case of a nuclear attack, and it ain’t too far removed from “duck and cover.” If an attack ever comes, do not flee. Instead, get inside any stable building immediately (a basement is optimal), and stay there until officials give the... More »

Conservative Group Warns of Nuclear 'EMP' Attack

A bomb could wipe out US electronics

(Newser) - If the threat of conventional attacks by terrorists aren't enough for you, consider the EMP scenario. Bad guys detonate a nuclear weapon high above US soil, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out all electronics and renders the US helpless. The conservative Heritage Foundation is so worried it's calling on... More »

Nuclear Bunker for Sale on Ebay

Survive the atomic holocaust in beautiful Derbyshire Dales

(Newser) - Craving a little security in an uncertain world? Head over to eBay, where a bunker designed to withstand a nuclear strike on England is for sale. The bunker features bunks, a chemical toilet, and a phone line—but be prepared to shell out. With a full 6 days left, bidding... More »

US Readies 20,000 Troops Against Homeland Threats

Critics fear executive-power growth in major shift

(Newser) - After years of planning, the military will have 20,000 troops stationed inside the US ready to handle domestic crises such as nuclear terrorism by 2011, the Washington Post reports. That’s almost seven times the number of domestic-response troops 5 years ago—a move that would have been “... More »

'That Is the End of This Broadcast'

UK declassifies BBC's Cold War script for nuclear attack

(Newser) - A radio script that the British government planned to broadcast to survivors of a nuclear attack has been made public for the first time, the BBC reports. The script, written in the 1970s and released by the National Archives, warns listeners to stay in hiding for 14 days and to... More »

6 Stories