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BoozeGate: United Fails to Renew Newark Liquor Licenses

Business lounges in Newark go dry for 2 days after someone dropped a ball

(Newser) - The first rule of flight club is that you ... well, you don't run out of free booze, and United Airlines blew it this week by accidentally forgetting to renew its liquor license at two lounges, reports the AP . Thus on Wednesday and Thursday the two United Clubs in Terminal... More »

Utah May Face a Beer-Free Oktoberfest

Liquor board cracks down on single-event permits

(Newser) - Oktoberfest may be a little less jovial this year, at least in Utah. Snowbird Ski Resort's annual Oktoberfest celebration is at risk of running dry as the state liquor commission cracks down on giving single-event permits to businesses, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The chairman of the commission admits... More »

Utah's Odd Liquor Laws Kill Some of the Buzz

The state's liquor laws are ... unusual

(Newser) - Happy hour never comes, you'll never see a restaurant bartender mix your drink, stiff drinks are a no-no, and don't even bother asking about a drink special … welcome to Utah! Though the state's infamously strict liquor laws lightened up considerably in 2009, the system remains rife... More »

Happy Hour Could Be Toast in Iowa City

City council mulls ban on after-work rite, other drink specials

(Newser) - Concerned about underage and binge drinking, Iowa City may ban happy hours at a meeting next month, the AP reports. The city council ordinance would require establishments with alcohol licenses or permits to submit to the city clerk a set schedule of prices that could not change by the day... More »

Naked Lunch? Maine Town Strips Diner of Booze

Locals unamused by skinny dip sandwich

(Newser) - A Maine restaurant has been denied a liquor license over a promotion that encourages skinny dipping in a nearby lake, the Bangor Daily News reports. The offer promised a free sandwich to any diner intrepid enough to strip and take the plunge behind the Black Frog Restaurant. After numerous complaints... More »

5 Stories