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Debt Crisis Could Make Lehman's Fail Look Lame

Downgrade could be worse: Neel Kashkari

(Newser) - If the debt follies in Washington result in US credit being downgraded, it could end up being a worse financial hit than the epic failure of Lehman Brothers, writes Neel Kashkari. The former assistant secretary to the Treasury, who was appointed by George W Bush to oversee the $700 billion... More »

TARP Manager: Let's Not Micromanage

Banks can't make bad loans for lending's sake, says Kashkari

(Newser) - Neel Kashkari, the man who manages the Troubled Asset Relief Program, doesn’t think the government ought to try to make decisions for the banks it helps, he told lawmakers today. “However well-intended, government officials are not positioned to make better commercial decisions than lenders,” he insisted. He... More »

Report Rips TARP Strategy (or Lack Thereof)

Failure to track funds or evaluate effectiveness troubles panel

(Newser) - So much for transparency. A blistering draft report being issued by a congressional oversight panel today says Treasury has failed to reveal its strategy for stabilizing the financial system and failed to answer questions asked by the watchdog group, the Wall Street Journal reports. But worse still, it’s done... More »

Bailout Czar Kashkari Joins World's Big Money Elite

After brisk rise through Treasury, 35-year-old has purse to rival largest sovereign funds

(Newser) - A behind-the-scenes player at the Treasury Department just weeks ago, 35-year-old Neel Kashkari’s financial heft as the agency’s bailout czar puts him on par with the heads of sovereign wealth funds, Politico reports. The self-described “free-market Republican” enjoyed a meteoric rise through the department, where he was... More »

Paulson Picks Goldman Alum to Oversee Bailout Fund

35-year-old to keep seat warm until Jan.

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will name former Goldman Sachs banker Neel Kashkari to oversee the $700 billion bailout fund approved last week, reports the Wall Street Journal. The appointment is an interim one for Kashkari, 35, currently an assistant Treasury secretary; a new administration would almost certainly appoint its own... More »

5 Stories