Google Mail Goggles

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Gmail Adds 'Undo Send' Option

New feature lets users email in haste, then repent in 5 seconds

(Newser) - Anybody who's ever been gripped by regret seconds after hitting "Send" will like Gmail's new feature, Wired reports. "Undo Send" gives users a grace period—currently 5 seconds, although future updates will provide the option for 10 seconds—in which they can yank back emails that are being... More »

Google Goggles: Necessary

Mail Goggles meant to help prevent you writing missives you'll regret

(Newser) - With drunk-dialing evolving at the speed of technology, people need an updated version of that friend who grabs your phone and says, "Dude, don't call her." But, asks Alex Williams in a look at Google's Mail Goggles in the New York Times, "Are we becoming so tethered... More »

Google Helps Curb Boozy Screeds

Mail Goggles works late on the weekend to make drunken email tougher to get to

(Newser) - If you've ever, after a few drinks, sent an email you later regretted, Google's got a gadget for you, InformationWeek reports. Mail Goggles, a play on those beer goggles that make you see (and think) fuzzy, activates late night on weekends “to verify you're in the right state of... More »

3 Stories