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Golden State Killer Suspect: You Can't Take My DNA

Joseph DeAngelo's lawyer fights effort to collect possible evidence

(Newser) - The former policeman accused of being the Golden State Killer heads back to court Thursday to fight prosecutors' efforts to collect more of his DNA. Joseph DeAngelo, 72, was scheduled to appear in a Sacramento courtroom connected to the county jail where he's being held. His public defender, Diane... More »

Great Depression Data Goldmine to Finally Go Public

1940 census to be released after 72 year of privacy protection

(Newser) - After 72 years of privacy protection lapses, intimate details of 132 million people who lived through the 1930s will be disclosed as the US government releases the 1940 census on April 2 to the public for the first time. Access to the records will be free and open to anyone... More »

Barack Obama Is Related to Sarah Palin also links the president to Rush Limbaugh

(Newser) - has dug up an ironic distant relationship between President Obama and one of his foes. Two of them, actually. It turns out both Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are both 10th cousins of the president (in Limbaugh's case, once removed). traced both Obama's mother and Palin's... More »

Americans Use DNA Tests to Trace African Roots

Obama's rise could accelerate trend

(Newser) - As a kid, Isaiah Washington only knew Africans as the “natives running around with bones in their noses” on TV, “trying to put Tarzan in a pot.” Now, the former Grey’s Anatomy actor is chieftain of a village in Sierra Leone, thanks to a DNA test... More »

Meet Princess Di's Frontier Cuz

Connected through Brits who emigrated to America

(Newser) - In the "not-completely-shocking" category, the People's Princess and the Caribou Princess go back a way on the family tree, according to a genealogy organization, with Sarah Palin counting Princess Diana as her 10th cousin. Both women are descendants of Brits John Strong and Abigail Ford, who emigrated to America... More »

5 Stories