Special Forces

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US Destroyed Its Own $70M Aircraft in Doomed Raid

First mission of Trump era went wrong in several ways

(Newser) - President Trump visited Dover Air Force Base in Delaware Wednesday as the remains of a Navy SEAL killed in a Yemen raid were returned to the US, reports AP . William “Ryan” Owens was killed over the weekend during the first special-ops raid approved by Trump, and while early reports... More »

Green Beret Won't Be Discharged for Attacking Alleged Child Rapist

The Afghan official allegedly kept a boy tied to his bed as a 'sex slave'

(Newser) - The Army has decided not to discharge a Special Forces soldier who beat up an Afghan police official he believed had been raping a young boy, CNN reports. Sgt. Charles Martland and Capt. Daniel Quinn claimed in 2011 that Afghan police commander Abdul Rahman had been raping the boy repeatedly... More »

Obama Sending 250 Troops to Syria to Fight ISIS

He wants Special Forces additions to keep up 'momentum'

(Newser) - Last week, President Obama announced the US is sending more than 200 additional troops to Iraq to help fight ISIS, and Monday he made a similar declaration regarding Syria, Reuters reports. "Given the success, I've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional US personnel in Syria, including... More »

US Forces Nab 'Significant' ISIS Operative in Iraq

He's being interrogated

(Newser) - Now that US special forces are again operating on the ground in Iraq, an inevitable first has occurred: American troops have captured an operative of the Islamic State, reports CNN . Not much is known about the militant, though the New York Times describes him as a "significant" figure for... More »

US Soldier Killed in Taliban Attack

2 others wounded in Helmand province on Tuesday: officials

(Newser) - An American Special Ops soldier was killed and at least two Americans were wounded in Afghanistan on Tuesday, reports Fox News . Officials say forces were taking part in a counter-terrorism mission near Marjah in Helmand province when they were targeted by Taliban fighters, per NBC News , which was first to... More »

US Special Forces Hit Taliban in Seized City: Report

100 troops reportedly involved in mission near Kunduz airport

(Newser) - Special forces from the US-led coalition in Afghanistan, reportedly including US troops, battled Taliban militants on the ground in Kunduz Wednesday in an attempt to retake the city after Afghan forces were overrun Monday. It marks the first time foreign forces have clashed with the Taliban during the conflict in... More »

US Tries to Capture ISIS Honcho, Kills Him

Abu Sayyaf helped direct ISIS' oil, gas, financial operations

(Newser) - Last night, US Special Operations attempted to capture a senior ISIS commander and his wife in Syria. The rare raid didn't go as planned. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter today said that Abu Sayyaf fought back and was killed; the US troops involved were unharmed. They did manage to... More »

VA Chief Lied, Said He Was in Special Forces

Robert McDonald apologizes for remark: 'I have no excuse'

(Newser) - Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald last year took over a department facing no small amount of scandal—and now he's stirred up controversy of his own. It started when he was being taped by CBS while speaking with a homeless veteran in Los Angeles, the Huffington Post reports. The... More »

Special Forces Tried to Rescue Foley

US troops landed in Syria, but hostages weren't there

(Newser) - It was nearly a happy ending for James Foley . US special forces mounted a secret rescue mission in Syria this summer to free Foley and other Americans, but the hostages were nowhere to be found, reports the Washington Post . Several dozen US troops landed at the unspecified location and engaged... More »

US Nabs Suspected Benghazi Mastermind

Special forces capture Ahmed Abu Khattala

(Newser) - US Special Forces captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, the man long suspected of leading the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, over the weekend in a secret raid, official sources tell the Washington Post . American troops, working with the FBI, apprehended Khattala near Benghazi, and are currently holding him... More »

Police Bust 'Child Retrieval' Commando Squad

One former Olympic sailing champion among those arrested

(Newser) - Most child-smuggling operations don't advertise their services online. But Italian police have busted a group that appears to have done just that. Police say they've taken down a group of ex-special forces operatives who charged "tens of thousands of euros" to kidnap children involved in cross-border custody... More »

New Book: Mark Owen Had 'Bad Blood' With SEALs

No Easy Op criticizes leaks about bin Laden raid, especially from SEALs

(Newser) - Mark Bissonnette (aka "Mark Owen") broke the Special Forces' "code of silence" and wrote No Easy Day because of "bad blood" with many in his SEAL Team 6 unit—at least according to another book by Special Operations veterans. No Easy Op is an ebook that... More »

New Anti-Obama Super PAC 'Borrows' Military Logos

'Special Operations for America' targets Obama over Osama raid

(Newser) - Special Operations for America, a new anti-Obama super PAC launched this week, accuses the president of stealing glory from the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. But it has been a little light-fingered itself, Mother Jones finds. The group's website and social media pages are plastered with the insignias... More »

Special Ops Are the Future: Top Admiral

William McRaven calls for bigger focus on secret missions

(Newser) - Today's international threats call for a shift in military strategy, and the US must focus increasingly on secret operations, says the US special operations chief. William McRaven, who headed the Osama bin Laden raid, wants more power for the Special Operations Command—including Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and other... More »

Afghans Take Over Night Raids

Deal big step in returning operations control to Afghan authorities

(Newser) - The US will end its deeply unpopular night raids in Afghanistan as part of a larger deal handing over special operations control to the Afghan military, reports the New York Times . The agreement puts Afghan forces in charge of night raids, and requires Afghan court warrants for raids. Usually, warrants... More »

Green Beret Dies Trying to Save Kids in Fire

Dad, 2 daughters die in house blaze near Fort Bragg

(Newser) - A decorated Green Beret soldier who recently returned from Afghanistan died a hero's death at home in North Carolina. After Edward Cantrell and his wife jumped from the second floor of their burning home, he wrapped himself in a blanket and ran back inside in an attempt to save... More »

US Eyes Switch to Special Ops in Afghanistan

Focus to be on training, special missions, not policing

(Newser) - The United States may be wrapping up its combat operations in Afghanistan a year early, but the fight against insurgents and terrorists will continue in the form of US special forces, who are expected to stay in the country well after 2014, reports the New York Times . According to the... More »

US Sending 'Mothership' to Gulf for Special Ops

Navy retrofitting warship for commando missions: Washington Post

(Newser) - With the US increasingly relying on targeted special ops instead of large military forces, the Pentagon will send an aging warship to the Gulf region to serve as a "mothership" for Navy SEALs and other special forces fighting Somali pirates, al-Qaeda, and other threats (like maybe this ), reports... More »

US Expands Secret Mideast Operations

Petraeus authorizes special ops in friendly, unfriendly Mideast nations

(Newser) - The head of US Central Command has green-lighted a huge expansion in American secret operations in the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, and Central Asia, according to documents obtained by the New York Times . Gen. David Petraeus has authorized the sending of special forces to both friendly and hostile... More »

Afghan Survivor Tells Obama: 'You Be the Judge'

Video calls for UN-led investigation into US attack

(Newser) - American forces in Afghanistan lost "all credibility" by killing 5 civilians and attempting to hide the evidence by digging bullets out of their bodies, a new video campaign says. The video features an interview with Afghan scholar Sayid Mohammed Mal, who survived the attack. "They say they have... More »

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