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MLK's Daughter: 'I Miss You'

Emotional photo of Bernice King at MLK's memorial goes viral

(Newser) - Martin Luther King Jr. would have turned 88 on Sunday, and as America celebrates his legacy Monday during the national holiday named for him, a tweet his daughter posted on his birthday is making the rounds, Mashable reports. "Happy birthday dad, I miss you! #MLK," Bernice King tweeted... More »

MLK's Kids Battle Over His Nobel, Bible

Sons want them sold, daughter does not

(Newser) - That Martin Luther King Jr.'s children are fighting over his estate is nothing new . But it's come to this: The civil rights leader's Nobel Peace Prize and Bible will soon be locked in a safety deposit box, with the key being held by Fulton County Superior... More »

King's Daughter to Head SCLC

Bernice King to be first woman to head group

(Newser) - Bernice King was elected to lead the Southern Christian Leadership Conference today, becoming the first woman to helm the civil rights organization her father, Martin Luther King Jr., co-founded. King wasn’t there for the board vote, which she won 23-15 over an Arkansas judge, so interim president Byron Clay... More »

MLK's Kids Bicker Over Spielberg Biopic

Siblings plan to fight Dexter King's sale of movie rights to their father's life

(Newser) - The sale of the movie rights to Martin Luther King Jr.'s life has revived the feud among his three surviving children, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Martin Luther King III and Bernice King say their brother Dexter—chief executive of the King estate—only informed them of the plans for... More »

MLK's Kids Fight Over Letters

Judge orders Bernice to bring unpublished papers to court

(Newser) - Legal battles among Martin Luther King Jr's children drag on, this time over who gets mom and dad's unpublished correspondence. Yesterday, a judge ordered youngest daughter Bernice, the administrator of Coretta Scott King's estate, to bring to court letters and photos that sit at the heart of a disputed $1.... More »

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