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Major Federal Climate Change Report Leaked

Report from 13 different agencies warns of drastic effects

(Newser) - A report on climate change from scientists at 13 federal agencies has been leaked to the New York Times and the Washington Post —and it's firmly at odds with President Trump and Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt's stated positions on the issue. The draft seen by... More »

BuzzFeed Out With Damning Report on R. Kelly

Parents accuse him of keeping their daughters in a 'cult'

(Newser) - Singer R. Kelly is no stranger to controversy, and a lengthy new report at BuzzFeed has just served up a huge new portion. The bombshell allegation: Parents say the 50-year-old singer is keeping young women in an abusive "cult" at his various properties and controlling their every move. The... More »

Guitar, Pill Bottles, Blood: Pics From Cornell's Hotel Room

Police report includes photos, details of what bodyguard and emergency workers found

(Newser) - A guitar lying on a chair. A plane ticket in pieces. A bathroom floor stained with blood. These are just some of the images contained in a Detroit Police Department report regarding the May death of Chris Cornell, obtained from an FOIA request by the Detroit Free Press . The Press... More »

DOJ: Chicago PD Rife With Racial Bias, Excessive Force

Discrimination, use of excessive force, poor training among long-awaited report's findings

(Newser) - What USA Today describes as a "scathing report" about Chicago police was released Friday by the Justice Department, with findings of rampant racial bias (including a finding of "reasonable cause" that excessive force was used against minorities), shoddy training, and the mishandling of cops accused of misconduct, per... More »

Ominous Stats on the Women's Cancer Horizon

A 60% rise in deaths by 2030, per an ACS report

(Newser) - Two disturbing reports were issued this week on the cancer front, with one noting women will see a spike in cancer deaths over the next decade or so—5.5 million cancer deaths by the year 2030. The other report adds that women afflicted with breast cancer alone could nearly... More »

GOP Benghazi Report: Clinton Had Intel to See Risk

Nothing short of an attack would have convinced secretary of the danger

(Newser) - A Republican report on the 2012 attack in Benghazi finds Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration should have realized an attack was possible before it took place. The report from the House Benghazi Committee notes the administration failed to recognize the risks of rising crime levels and gun ownership. "... More »

'Dark Day' for Pedestrians: Fastest Jump in Death Rate Ever

Fatalities expected to spike 10% from 2014 to 2015: GHSA report

(Newser) - Traffic fatalities increased 8.1% in 2015 from the previous year, per a National Safety Council study cited by Autoblog , but one group has been especially affected: pedestrians, who are projected to show a 10% increase in fatalities compared to 2014, per a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association.... More »

Report Demolishes Myths About US Immigrants

Crime, divorce rates lower in immigrant communities than native-born ones

(Newser) - Donald Trump may want to build a wall to keep immigrants out, but the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggests he might be unnecessarily fearful. "The Integration of Immigrants Into American Society" report notes that not only is the current generation of immigrants assimilating just as well... More »

Police Ignored Huge Child Abuse Ring for Years: Report

1,400 kids exploited in UK town of Rotherham over 16 years

(Newser) - For 16 years, 1,400 children in the impoverished South Yorkshire town of Rotherham were stalked, reported missing, or seen leaving school with strange men. At first, they were "white British children" and more recently, they were Pakistani, Kashmiri, and Roma, the AP reports. A new report reveals they... More »

Most Troops OK With Gays in Uniform

Pentagon review finds that most think it's no big deal

(Newser) - A Pentagon report on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell shows that a majority of troops aren’t opposed to gays serving in the military, reports the Wonk Room blog at Think Progress. "The number one answer was. ‘I don’t care,'” NBC's Richard Engel, who got... More »

Rio Shines in 2016 Olympics Evaluation; Chicago Not Out Yet

Tokyo deemed insufficiently excited, while Madrid could be logistical nightmare

(Newser) - The International Olympic Committee appears to be bullish on Rio for the 2016 Summer Games, though Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid remain in the hunt, CNN reports. In an evaluation of the cities released today to members, Rio’s presentation is deemed to be of the “very highest quality.”... More »

Mock Executions Among CIA Torture Tactics

(Newser) - A report long suppressed by Bush administration officials set to be released next week says the CIA used mock executions as part of post-9/11 interrogations, Newsweek reports—though federal law prohibits threatening prisoners with “imminent death,” and the practice wasn’t authorized by the Justice Department, unlike other... More »

FEMA Too Slow on Katrina Trailer Toxins: Federal Report

Agency didn't announce toxin find until 2 years after people moved in

(Newser) - FEMA was too slow to deal with reports of toxins in trailers used to house Hurricane Katrina victims, potentially posing a “significant health risk” to thousands along the Gulf Coast, a Homeland Security report says. Residents of the trailers had reported bloody noses, headaches, and worse as a result... More »

Bloated Baghdad Embassy Needs 'Rightsizing': State

(Newser) - An internal State Department assessment has deemed the recently completed US embassy in Baghdad grievously overstaffed, McClatchy Newspapers report. “There is a clear consensus from the top to the bottom of the embassy,” State’s inspector general writes. “The time has come for a significant rightsizing.”... More »

Racial Profiling Still Widespread in US: ACLU

A lot of high-level talk, but no 'concrete action' on issue, report says

(Newser) - Racial profiling remains rampant in the US, with thousands detained yearly due to race, religion, or nationality, even though top federal officials are trying to halt the practice, the American Civil Liberties Union claims in a report to the UN. South Asian and North African immigrants are often targeted as... More »

Climate Change Report: We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Mainland US could be 7-11 degrees warmer by 2090

(Newser) - Climate change has already brought warmer winters to the Midwest and rising sea levels—and barring quick intervention, the mainland US could heat up 7 to 11.5 degrees by 2090, says a new report to Congress by federal agencies and universities. The report holds no new research, Time notes,... More »

CIA to Prez: Don't Release Full Interrogation Report

Material would compromise current intelligence work: agency

(Newser) - The CIA is pressing the Obama administration not to release the entirety of a 2004 report on the interrogation program, intelligence officials tell the Washington Post. The agency says that publicizing the information would expose current intelligence-gathering methods. The administration pledged to review the report—called the “most definitive... More »

Report Seeks More Bank Stress Tests

First round may have underestimated unemployment

(Newser) - The US should run a second round of bank stress tests if it turns out the government was overly optimistic about the economy in the first round, says a report to be presented to Congress today. The Congressional Oversight Panel, which monitors the bailout, applauded the tests thus far, but... More »

Brits Missed Chances to Nab Leader of London Attacks

But he was never called a threat: report

(Newser) - UK authorities crossed paths with the top planner of the 2005 London bombings six times, but never labeled him a threat, a parliamentary report out today concludes. Almost every time Mohammad Sidique Khan appeared on police and MI5 records, it was in connection with possible extremists, the Guardian reports. But... More »

Missile Shield Useless Against Iran's Arsenal: Study

System wouldn't protect Europe; Iran far from nuclear missiles

(Newser) - The US missile shield planned for eastern Europe wouldn’t protect the continent from threats posed by Iranian missiles, a team of American and Russian scientists found. Further, the Washington Post notes, it will be more than 5 years before Iran can build nuclear warheads and missiles to launch them,... More »

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