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Afghanistan, US Sign Long-Awaited Security Pact

Agreement will allow some US forces to remain in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Afghanistan and the United States signed a long-awaited security pact today that will allow US forces to remain in the country past the end of the year. At a ceremony held at the presidential palace in Kabul, newly appointed national security adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar signed the document along with... More »

Iraqis Attempt to Arrest US Soldiers After Shooting

(Newser) - The rift between American and Iraqi forces got a lot wider after a shooting incident in Baghdad this week, the Washington Post reports. When insurgents attacked their convoy Tuesday, US forces pursued them through alleys, and raided several houses, killing two men and a boy. An Iraqi commander ordered the... More »

Pakistan Launches Strikes Against Taliban

Militant presence in Buner violates peace agreement, says military

(Newser) - Pakistan has deployed troops and begun airstrikes against suspected Taliban sites in the Buner district, uncomfortably close to the capital. A military spokesman said some 500 militants are in the district, just over 60 miles from Islamabad, violating a peace agreement, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, tens of thousands have fled... More »

Iraq PM Vows to Prosecute US Troops After Fatal Raid

First time Iraq has threatened prosecution against American soldiers

(Newser) - Iraq’s prime minister is threatening the country’s first prosecution of US troops after two Iraqis were killed yesterday morning in a US raid, the Washington Post reports. Nouri al-Maliki said the raid violated a security agreement that bans unilateral American action; the US says Iraq’s military had... More »

US, Iraq Close to 2011 Pullout Pact

Deal would also allow Iraq prosecutions of US soldiers who commit rape, murder

(Newser) - The US and Iraq are close to clinching a new security agreement which would include a targeted 2011 date for troop withdrawal—and a provision to allow US troops to be prosecuted in Iraqi courts. The US military has enjoyed blanket immunity from criminal prosecution, but under the new agreement... More »

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