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Another Mafia Gift: Toxic Waste, Cancer Clusters

Italy vows to crack down, but the damage is widespread

(Newser) - It seems that when the Italian mafia isn't killing 3-year-olds or threatening the pope , its henchmen are busy illegally burying toxic waste. A New York Times story today reports that the Camorra crime family has buried millions of tons of the stuff—from asbestos sheets to industrial-strength glue—since... More »

Nigerian Gangsters Wage Turf War on Mob in Southern Italy

Turf battles erupt as newcomers seek foothold in lawless southern Italy

(Newser) - African immigrants are being caught in the crossfire as Nigerian gangsters battle the Italian mob for control of southern Italy's drug and prostitution rackets, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Camorra once treated African criminals as useful subordinates, but vicious turf wars have erupted as the newcomers seek a bigger... More »

Writer Marked by Mob to Flee Italy

Mob wants author dead by Christmas

(Newser) - A best-selling author who has become a target of Italian mobsters is fleeing Italy, reports the Guardian. Writer Roberto Saviano, 28, has spent the last two years as a virtual prisoner in army barracks, surrounded by bodyguards protecting him from a Neapolitan mob family. Saviano's book, Gomorra, now an acclaimed... More »

Actors in Mafia Movie Arrested for Mob Ties

Italian Oscar contender sees 3 cast members accused of crimes

(Newser) - Bernardino Terracciano is the latest actor in the Naples mafia exposé Gomorrah to be arrested by Italian police, the Telegraph reports. One of several locals cast by director Matteo Garrone to give the film a touch of realism, Terracciano is suspected of extorting protection money as part of the Casalesi... More »

4 Stories