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Clashes Mark Iran Revolution Day

Security forces fire on activists: web site

(Newser) - Protesters clashed with security forces in Tehran today as hundreds of thousands of people mobbed the streets to mark Iran's Revolution Day, witnesses reported. Police fired bullets and teargas at supporters of opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi who were holding a rally in downtown Tehran, according to an activist website run... More »

French Cops Battle NATO Rioters

Violence follows G20 leaders to Strasbourg for NATO summit

(Newser) - French cops clashed violently with rioters in Strasbourg last night as G20 leaders prepared to head there for a NATO summit today. Hundreds were detained by police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets at rampaging masked protesters, reports the BBC. Shop windows were smashed and cars and bus stops... More »

Thai Riots Rattle Gentle Anteaters

Zoo officials move sensitive animals away from noise and tear gas

(Newser) - Violent clashes in Bangkok between police and protesters have produced two unlikely refugees—anteaters in the city's Dusit Zoo. Two 4-year-old anteaters who arrived from the US last year have been moved to another zoo where they won't be traumatized by the noise of rioting or tear gas, the BBC... More »

3 Stories