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Men Should Do Kegels, Too

Women aren't the only ones who can benefit: studies

(Newser) - Women aren't the only people who should be doing Kegel exercises, experts say. Studies have found that pelvic floor exercises—long known to help women with childbirth and recovery as well as prevent incontinence—can also help with incontinence, recovery from prostate surgery, and other issues in men, including,... More »

Sarkozy Trainer Focuses on 'Sex Muscles'

He's 'always ready and motivated,' says 26-year-old coach

(Newser) - French President Nicholas Sarkozy has shaved nine pounds off his already-trimish frame and strengthened his "sex muscles," his personal trainer boasts to the Times of London. Sarkozy sweats each day for his 26-year-old female trainer, who focuses on beefing up the perineal muscles at the bottom of the... More »

Broken Pelvis Hospitalizes Reagan

(Newser) - Nancy Reagan has been hospitalized in Los Angeles with a broken pelvis. A Reagan spokeswoman said Reagan "is in very good spirits" and surgery is not required, though it is not known how long she will be hospitalized. The 87-year-old former first lady fell at her home last week... More »

3 Stories