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'Oedipally Oddball W' Makes His Long Exit

While Bush hated doubt, Obama's 'delighted' by it

(Newser) - George W. Bush’s insecurity and aversion to doubt—“the psychological traits of an asphyxiated and pampered son”—led to his botched presidency, Maureen Dowd writes in the New York Times. Rather than being a source of presidential insight on Iraq and Saddam, Bush’s father was relegated... More »

Debates Help Obama Raise Our Comfort Level

Dem, like Reagan, used forums as a public vetting of an unfamiliar candidate

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s success in recent debates has less to do with out-talking his opponent than in letting US voters become familiar with him, the New York Times reports; Obama’s contest was as much to prove himself to an electorate uneasy with his novel candidacy. Polls show more confidence... More »

2 Stories