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Helicopter Carrying WWE CEO's Son Crashes Into Ocean

Neither Shane McMahon nor the pilot were injured

(Newser) - Shane McMahon was rescued from the waters off a New York beach Wednesday morning after the helicopter he was riding in performed a diving elbow drop into the ocean. WABC reports the son of WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon was taking the helicopter to visit his family when something... More »

A 'Terrifying' Eruption, Then a Deadly Crash

8 in rescue helicopter died trying to get to tourists at Indonesia's Sileri Crater

(Newser) - The Sileri Crater, one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes, erupted Sunday, but although there were injuries, no one perished as the mountain spewed its lava, ash, and mud up to 165 feet in the air—until, that is, a rescue helicopter was sent in to help those at the... More »

'Always Hope': Search Goes on in Black Hawk Crash

Some remains recovered; military searches for those presumed lost

(Newser) - All 11 soldiers and Marines on board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that crashed in heavy fog off the Florida Panhandle Tuesday night are presumed lost, but officials stress that they are still engaged in a search-and-rescue mission that will go on for as long as necessary. There were definitely... More »

Human Remains Found in Black Hawk Crash Off Florida

7 Marines, 4 National Guard soldiers presumed dead

(Newser) - Eleven military personnel are missing after an Army helicopter crashed last night during a training exercise in the Florida Panhandle, and an anonymous official tells the AP they are presumed dead. "We have found some human remains," Eglin Air Force Base spokesman Andy Bourland tells NBC News . Seven... More »

Marines Helicopter Crashes With 25 on Board

But all are rescued in Gulf of Aden

(Newser) - Close call in the Arabian Sea: A group of 17 Marines and eight Navy sailors avoided serious injury today when their helicopter crashed in the Gulf of Aden, the Navy says. The CH-53E Super Stallion—a Marine Corps helicopter—was trying to land on the USS Mesa Verde's deck... More »

'At Least I'm Alive': Inside a Deadly Iraq 'Copter Crash

Helicopter went down trying to save Yazidis

(Newser) - A crashing helicopter full of Yazidi refugees goes down too quickly to describe—so Alissa Rubin, a veteran New York Times reporter, writes more about the others on board during the crash this week . Yazidi member of Parliament Vian Dakhil, who had given a "heart-rending" speech advocating the rescue... More »

Helicopter Overloaded With Rescued Iraqis Crashes

Pilot appears to be only fatality; 2 journalists among those injured

(Newser) - An Iraqi helicopter that brought supplies to tens of thousands of Yazidi minorities still trapped on Iraq's Mount Sinjar crashed today because too many refugees clambered on board, an Iraqi military spokesman tells the AP . The pilot is apparently the only fatality. New York Times journalist Alissa Rubin, 56,... More »

2 Dead in Seattle News Helicopter Crash

KOMO chopper may have hit side of building while attempting to land

(Newser) - Two people are dead and one person is in critical condition after a KOMO News helicopter crashed just feet from Seattle's iconic Space Needle. KOMO is reporting on its own tragedy, which it says happened this morning as the chopper came in for a rooftop landing; the AP notes... More »

2 Dead in Navy Chopper Crash in Virginia

Another crew member remains missing at sea

(Newser) - A Navy helicopter went down this morning about 18 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, reports the Virginian-Pilot . The Navy confirms that the chopper, a Sea Dragon, was one of two on a training mission and had to make an emergency landing in the water. Four of the five... More »

Miami Billionaire Killed My Husband: Lawsuit

Jeff Soffer sued over helicopter crash that killed his best friend

(Newser) - Jeff Soffer, the Miami billionaire who was rumored to be the subject of the Gwyneth Paltrow Vanity Fair takedown, has much bigger troubles than that. Dasha Valdez, wife of Soffer's best friend Lance Valdez, filed a lawsuit last night alleging Soffer is responsible for Lance Valdez's death in... More »

Japan Wants US Choppers Grounded After Crash

Remains found near crash site

(Newser) - Japan is calling on Washington to stop flying its HH-60 helicopters in the wake of yesterday's crash in Okinawa . "We have asked the US not to fly the same aircraft until they find out the cause of the accident and take preventive steps," says defense minister Itsunori... More »

Helicopter Crashes on US Base in Japan

One crew member injured: report

(Newser) - A US military helicopter crashed today on the Japanese island of Okinawa, and Japan's defense minister says three of those in the chopper ejected themselves to safety while one was injured and hospitalized. No locals were hurt in the crash at US Marine Camp Hansen, though Reuters notes that... More »

Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Hudson

4 passengers, pilot are reportedly safe

(Newser) - A helicopter carrying five people made an emergency landing in the Hudson River just before noon today, reports the New York Post , and all aboard are safe and accounted for. The aircraft was reportedly carrying four tourists—two adults and two teenagers—and a pilot when it splashed down near... More »

Monsoon Survivors Die in Helicopter Rescue

20 bodies recovered in India

(Newser) - The death toll from monsoon flooding in northern India stands above the 1,000 mark, with rescue efforts for Hindu pilgrims left stranded in the disaster hampered by bad weather and the area's difficult mountainous terrain. Yesterday, a rescue effort itself turned deadly, when a rescue helicopter carrying survivors... More »

Taliban Seizes Hostages in Afghanistan Chopper Crash

Turkish civilians feared in hands of militants

(Newser) - The passengers and crew of a civilian helicopter are believed to have been seized by Taliban members after being forced to make an emergency landing in a militant-controlled area of eastern Afghanistan. Local authorities say there were around 11 people on board, including the foreign pilots and around seven Turkish... More »

Pilot Texting Linked to Fatal Air Crash

Helicopter pilot was texting about dinner date while flying

(Newser) - Texting while flying may have been a major factor in the 2011 crash of an emergency medical helicopter, according to National Transportation Safety Board investigators. Pilot James Freudenbert died along with three other people when he crashed in Missouri after running out of fuel. The NTSB, implicating distraction caused by... More »

5 Coalition Troops Dead in Helicopter Crash

NATO reveals few details so far

(Newser) - Five coalition service members died in a helicopter crash today in southern Afghanistan, Reuters reports. The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force gave few details on its investigation, saying only that no enemy activity had been spotted in the area. The troops were most likely US or British, notes Reuters, but... More »

Crane Workers Escaped Death by Oversleeping

Men should have been atop crane when helicopter hit

(Newser) - Richard Moule and Nicki Biagioni were late for work yesterday, and it probably saved their lives. The two men are crane drivers, and they should have been atop the London crane that got hit by a helicopter . Instead, both overslept and were still on their way to work when the... More »

Helicopter Crashes in Central London

2 deaths confirmed after chopper hits crane

(Newser) - At least two people were killed when a helicopter crashed into a crane at the top of a skyscraper in central London during rush hour today. The helicopter "plummeted straight into the ground," a witness tells the BBC . "The building the helicopter hit is shrouded in mist.... More »

7 Americans Killed in Afghan Copter Crash

Taliban claims responsibility

(Newser) - The Taliban is taking credit for a NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed seven Americans today. A rep for the group says it shot down the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter in Kandahar province this morning. Three members of Afghanistan's security forces also died in the crash, along with a... More »

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